Summer Wellness Series: Intellectual Wellness

child brain bookThis week we focus on Intellectual wellness. This involves utilizing your surroundings and resources available to engage your curiosity and learn new things. People who stay in tune with their intellectual wellness are more likely to embrace new ideas, think critically and seek out new challenges. Learning does not have to end in a formal classroom. Making learning a life-long priority can help you maintain good cognitive function as you age.

Intellectual wellness can be finding learning opportunities in an educational setting, but also in personal interests or active participation in community activities.

Here are ways you can start cultivating your Intellectual wellness this summer:

Summer Reading– When you are in school, it can sometimes be hard to find time for leisure reading, but reading for the mind can be compared to exercise for the body. It can even help improve your memory and vocabulary!  Here are references to some great leisure  reading material this summer:

17 Awesome New Books You Need To Read This Summer

Goodreads Summer Reading List 2015

Looking to connect and discuss a book with peers? NOVA Online also has a Book Club that you can join! email our NOVA Online Librarians for more information.

Current events – A great way to stimulate your intellectual wellness is staying knowledgeable with what is happening in the world. Digital media has become so prevalent that you can do this from practically anywhere you have internet. Check out these top phone apps to keep up with current events.

Teach yourself something new-Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument? Thinking about doing some home repairs? learning a new skills is a great way to keep your critical thinking and problem solving skills sharp. Check out one of the many online resources that provide how-to’s for new skills: 100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything.

What are something things that you have engaged in outside of the classroom, maybe as a hobby that promotes your intellectual wellness?

Continue this conversation with us in our Virtual Student Union. Connect with peers on this topic and learn more about resources to maintain your intellectual wellness!

This week at NOVA Online

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Monday, June 15th from 12:15-1:15 pm – Participate in an NOVA Online Orientation Webinar – This one hour webinar will focus on getting started in your courses, navigating your Blackboard course site, and identifying tips for success and student support services. The NOVA Online Orientation is highly recommended for students who are new to online learning. Register or request a recording here.

Plan ahead – NOVA Campus Testing Centers will be closed Friday, July 3 & Saturday, July 4 for the Independence Day Holiday Weekend. ProctorU is available on those dates if the service is available for your course exams.

Intellectual Wellness – Staying curious and engaged in learning new things. Being a lifelong learner won’t just make you a well-rounded individual, it will make you healthier. Engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities. Read for pleasure, be aware of social and political issues, or join a club or group that focuses on enhancing intellectual interests. Use #SummerWellness to share your pictures and stories.

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