Parking Services

If you are taking exams at a NOVA Campus Testing Center (or going to campus for other reasons!) make sure you are familiar with the parking policies. Send qestions to

No Parking Permits are Required In ‘B’ Lots Until Enforcement Begins on September 8 @ 6 a.m. This does not include ‘A’ Lots or other reserved spaces – Open Parking includes ‘B’ and hourly parking lots/garages ONLY.

When Enforcement Begins, Students Must Have a Permit or Utilize Hourly Options When Parking On Campus.

Discounted Flex Parking Options & Semester Hang-tags are Available:

  • Full Semester Permit:
    • Hangtag valid for the entire semester for up to two vehicles.
    • $80 if Purchased online.
    • $90 if Purchased at any Campus Parking Services office.
    • Print a temporary 21-day parking pass for immediate use after online purchase.
  • Passport Parking Mobile Payment App:
    • Pay hourly by phone using the Passport App in any student ‘B’ or Hourly Space.
    • Pre-Paid Bundles: 60 hours for $70 & 30 hours for $40!
    • More Info online.
  • Discounted Daily Scratch-Off Bundle:
    • Receive 8 one-day passes for $60 ($80 value) – Buy Online.
    • More Info online.


Starting this Fall, the time in which students may park in ‘B’ lots or Hourly spaces for free, without a permit, is now 3:45 p.m. on Weekdays and any time on Weekends.

We are proud to announce our new Annandale Hourly Garage Operations! We are moving to a new Pay-By-Space system. More information can be found below.


Please visit the NOVA Parking Webpage for further information as well as to see the NOVA Parking Brochure for a complete list of Parking Rules and Regulations 2017-2018.

Any Questions? Please contact Customer Support at 703-323-3123 or


Coming September 8th, 2017


The Hourly Garage on the Annandale Campus will be moving to a new Pay-By-Space system.


You will now Pay Upon Arrival to the Hourly Garage. No more pulling tickets or waiting for gates!


  • Upon arrival enter the garage and find an available numbered space.
  • Take note of the space number where you parked.
  • Pay for the amount of time you wish at any of the Pay Stations.
  • The Pay Stations are located on the 1st & 2nd floors of the garage.
  • No need to display anything on your dash. Just Pay and Go!

*You will need your receipt to add additional time*


The pricing has not changed:

$2.00 Per Hour – $10.00 Daily Max

The Pay Stations accept the following payment types:

Cash- $1, $5, $10 bills. Coins- $1, .25¢

Credit Cards– Visa, MasterCard, American Express

 *Please Note the Pay Stations DO NOT dispense change

and there are NO Refunds*

In addition, Parking is now: FREE after 3:45pm in Garages & B-Lots!


Please call AN Parking Services at 703-323-4267 or email

Studying for Finals? Consider this 4-day study plan!

Final exams and final projects are quickly approaching in your summer term courses! Follow us on the NOVA Online Social Media channels for tips for successful finals prep. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The NOVA Online Success Coaching Team is here to help support you and provide study tips. You can contact them at or call 703.764.5076.

Studying for an Exam Day 1: Communicate with Your Instructor, Find a Study Partner and Organize

1.    Ask your instructor what type of test it will be. Multiple choice? Essay? That will make a difference in how you prepare.

2.    Ask your instructor for a review sheet/study guide if he/she has not already given you one.

3.    Find a study partner — set up dates to meet to include the night before the test if possible – even via phone/Facebook/Skype.

4.    Print and organize your notes, old quizzes, textbook, assignments and handouts from the units being tested.

When Studying:

1.    Turn off or silence any distractions (for example: cell phone, TV, instant messenger, etc.)

2.    Organize handouts, past tests, and other information according to dates. Make note of anything you are missing. (Where’s the vocab quiz from chapter 2?) Pay special attention to the questions that you missed and spend extra time studying those questions.

3.    Rewrite or type your notes. Creating an outline of the information you need to know will help you understand how the material covered in the class is related.

4.    Review the material you have. Go through the review sheet to determine what material will be covered. Read through your quizzes/handouts/notes and study questions from your book’s chapters.

Studying for a Test Day 2: Course Review, Review and Apply the Material to Better Understand 

1.    Turn off or silence any distractions.

2.    Communicate with your instructor to clarify areas you didn’t understand and request any missing items.

3.    Ask if there will be a review before the test and continue to review on your own and review with your Study Partner (if time permits). If there will not be a course review, consider organizing one – you can reserve a study room and meet in a campus or local library.

When Studying:

1.    Create flashcards with a question/term/vocab word on the front of the card, and the answer on the back. Quizlet is a free website/app that will help you design flashcards, practice tests and quizzes. The website/app also has pre-made flash cards (a favorite app by many students).

2.    Set a timer for 45 minutes, and review everything on the review sheet that you don’t already know using mnemonic devices like acronyms or singing a song. Also, apply the material to your life in ways that you can remember and understand. When the timer goes off, take a 15 min. break and revisit your review sheet. Study again, setting the timer if it works well for you.

3.    If you are not using the Quizlet App, put your flashcards in your purse, backpack, or car so that you can review them when you are not busy.

Studying for a Test Day 3: Review and Apply the Material, Create Practice Tests

1.    Turn off or silence any distractions

2.    When you have any free time, review your flashcards and ask yourself questions (when you’re waiting for class to start, at lunch, during study hall, etc.)

3.    Confirm a study date for tomorrow night.

When Studying:

1.    Turn off or silence any distractions.

2.    Set a timer for 45 minutes again. Go back through your flashcards and review sheet, learning/applying material (especially reviewing areas that are causing you some struggles). Take a 5-minute break. If necessary, set a timer for 45 minutes again and continue if you’re still unsure of any material!

3.    Create a few “practice tests” for yourself and your study partner (you can create your own, use study guides or visit your textbook website for practice tests).  A practice test should include questions about key terminology, facts, and concepts that are likely to be on the test.

4.    Be sure to have your flashcards (Quizlet App) ready for review again tomorrow.

Studying for a Test Day 4: Review, Study/Quiz Self, Confirm Meeting Time with Study Partner

1.    Throughout the day, pull your flashcards out and review.

2.    Confirm your study date with a friend or classmate.

When Studying:

1.    Turn off or silence any distractions.

2.    Again, review your flashcards paying special attention to the remaining material that was giving you some struggles.

3.    Quiz. With your study partner, take turns asking possible exam questions to each other. You will learn the material better by alternating asking the questions. Stop once you’ve been through the questions a few times and get a good night’s sleep.

Be sure to check out free online workshops by Student Lingo. If you need additional review, you can use NOVA Online’s free online tutoring service through Smarthinking. If you are using a campus testing center, double check testing center hours and if possible, do not wait until the last day – emergencies can come up and in many classes, you will not be able to take the test late.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the NOVA Online Success Coaches at or call 703.764.5076.

NOVA Offices closed for 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

NOVA offices, including campus testing centers, will be closed Saturday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 4, 2017.  ProctorU will be available during this time to take exams for courses that offer the online proctoring option.

Testing Center hours are subject to change so please visit the Testing Center Calendar when making your plans. Remember it is important to provide plenty of time to take the exam as there may be lines when you arrive.

NOVA Campus Offices will reopen Wednesday, July 5. Please plan accordingly.

Memorial Day!

NOVA campus offices, including the Campus Testing Centers, are closed today Monday, May 29 in observance of Memorial Day!

451846227Summer Tuition Payment: If you registered for summer 2017 courses and haven’t submitted your tuition payment or have financial aid in place, you must do so by the following business day at 5 p.m. to avoid being dropped from your courses! The last summer start date for NOVA Online courses is Monday, June 5. Check out this blog post for more details about summer tuition payment.

Join our Virtual Student Union: NOVA Online’s VSU has a new look! Are you taking online classes and looking to connect with other students outside of a classroom setting? Check out our Virtual Student Union or VSU. This is an engagement hub where NOVA Online students have access to create a profile, join discussion forums and connect with other students. In celebration of our new site launch, students will be eligible for raffle prizes once they create an account and interact on the site. Drawings will be done weekly and monthly through the fall semester. Join now!

Engage in your Community! Did you miss our Community Involvement Fair? Check out our community volunteer booklet to learn more about the variety of non-profits participating and volunteer opportunities available: Community Volunteer Booklet. Email us at and tell us where and when you are volunteering and we will send you a FREE NOVA Student Life T-shirt to wear!

Financial Avenue – Financial Literacy Contest: Twenty $100 NOVA bookstore gift cards towards educational costs at NOVA will be given-away throughout the 2016‐2017 academic year to randomly selected students NOVA Online who successfully complete Financial Avenue web‐based financial literacy modules! Last date to submit your module is June 11. For more information visit Financial Aid’s Financial Literacy Blog. Official contest rules and registration to participate can be found here.

Want to write for the NOVA Online Student Blog? Share your story? Connect with your peers? Send us a writing sample to get started. Email NOVA for more information.

Happy Thanksgiving

Northern Virginia Community College will be closed later this week for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Offices close Wednesday, November 23 at noon and will reopen on Monday, November 28 at 8:00 am.  This includes testing centers! Plan ahead!  Happy Thanksgiving

Plan early to take your exams

All NOVA Online courses require proctored exams or assignments. Plan ahead for how you will take your exams depending on your location and/or location.

For more about NOVA’s testing policies, view the Testing Information Website.

exam daYA PLUS

NOVA Online offers three methods to fulfill this requirement:

Campus Testing Centers

Students that live in the Northern Virginia area can use any Campus Testing Center. All 6 campuses have a testing center, and it doesn’t matter which one you go to throughout the term. When using a Campus Testing Center:

  • Know the Hours of the Campus Testing Center: Be aware of testing center hours, location, and parking available for the campus you are going to. Double check campus testing center hours before going to campus, just in case!
  • Plan Well: Do not wait until the last minute to take your exam – it is possible that you could be turned away from the testing center if lines are long and you have not provided enough time to wait and then take the test. As you plan, consider the possibility of traffic, weather, parking, lines, etc.
  • Review Your Course Syllabus: Before going to take your test, be sure you are aware of your exam requirements. Any special information about your test should be referenced in your syllabus. Are you allowed to have a note card, scratch paper, etc.? Check your syllabus and be aware of your test conditions.
  • Exam Pass/Photo ID: When you arrive at the testing center, you will need to turn in your Exam Pass and show a photo ID.  You will need to print your exam pass from the Taking Exams and Using Exam Passes section your course Syllabus.
  • Checking In: When you check-in, you will be asked to stow away your personal belongings in a secure locker. You may want to bring minimal items with you.
  • Multiple Exams: If you are taking more than one exam, you will be required to have an exam pass for each exam and wait in the line for each exam. Please plan accordingly.
  • Be Prepared: Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy meal or snack before testing. You may also want to consider a short walk to clear your mind before going into the testing center.

Out of Area: Proctor Request

If you are out of the area, or planning to be out of the area at any point throughout your course, you will need to identify a Testing Location to supervise your NOVA Online exams. If you have not already, you should begin the process immediately.

Virginia residents (outside of Northern Virginia): You may take your exams at any Virginia Community College (VCCS) testing center, via our online proctoring service, ProctorU, if it is available in your course (check the availability of this service in your course under Exams), or at the testing center of another Virginia college/university at which you are a student (submit a proctor request form for approval). Use the College Locator feature on the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) website to find a college near you.

Students in other states/outside the US: You may take your exams at a college/university testing center near you (submit a proctor request form for approval), or via our online proctoring service, ProctorU, if it is available in your course. Check the availability of this service in your course under Exams.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to secure a proctor and to pay any related fees.
  • To request a proctor, complete the NOVA Online Proctor Request Form and submit it with your Proctor’s statement on letterhead to NOVA Online Course Specialists at
  • Requests for proctored exams and proctors must be approved by NOVA Online. NOVA Online reserves the right to reject requests for proctors for any reason.

ProctorU Testing Service

ProctorU might be an option for one or more of your classes, and allow you to take your exams from your home computer. Using a webcam with a microphone, speakers, and a reliable high-speed internet connection, you can take your exams anywhere. Courses offering this option will have the ProctorU Information in the course Blackboard under the links, Taking Exams and Using Exam Passes in your course Syllabus. If you choose to use this online proctoring service:

  • You will need to schedule to take your exam(s) through ProctorU at least 72 hours prior to testing to avoid a late fee.
  • An associate from the ProctorU will scan your room to ensure no one else is in the room and that the area is clear of books, papers, etc.
  • You must be 18 or older and be prepared to show a current photo ID prior to the exam.
  • You must have speakers & microphone and a webcam connected to your computer and in working order.
  • You cannot take bathroom breaks during the exam and no one is allowed in the room with you.
  • Please note there is a 15 to 30 minute period before you begin your exam itself to verify your identity, to ensure your testing environment is secure, and to ensure your system is working properly. Do not schedule your exam at the last minute.

Regardless of your method of testing, the NOVA Online Success Coaches are here to help you succeed in your NOVA Online courses. NOVA Online Success Coaches can be reached at or 703.323.3347.

We wish you much success on your exams and remind you that when testing, you may only use materials your proctor specifically tells you may be used, based on instructions from the instructor. Also, as a NOVA Online student, you are required to follow the code of conduct as outlined in the NOVA Student Handbook.

For more about NOVA’s testing policies, view the Testing Information Website.

Written by Adrienne, NOVA Online Student Success Coach

Student Lingo Workshop: Testing Anxiety

Does your heart start pounding when a test is placed in front of you? Do you know the material but your mind goes blank? These are just a few of the common challenges students face when taking a test.

As your final exams are quickly approaching, we strongly encourage checking out the Student Lingo recorded workshop entitled, Taking Tests Online: Strategies For Successtest anxiety

How often do you feel like you know the material like the back of your hand, but when you get into the testing situation, you freeze? This workshop discusses various strategies for test preparation and coping skills for situations that provoke test anxiety. The presenter does a great job describing scenarios in a testing situation that can easily lead to test anxiety in addition to our internal messages and how best to control them. She also discusses external circumstances that contribute to test anxiety and how to keep them at bay before you enter the testing situation.

The presentation also contains strategies for taking different types of tests ranging from multiple choice to true/false to essay formats. The presenter’s emphatic style and her understanding of issues related to test anxiety keeps you engaged and hopefully, when you take your exam, you will feel more confident and at peace after viewing this presentation!

We also encourage you to look back at a previous NOVA Online Student Blog post called Plan for success on your next test: A compilation of NOVA Online Testing Resources.

As you prepare for your exams, make sure you know your testing location and policies. Whether you are going to a campus testing center, a VCCS college testing center, or using ProctorU, make sure you have all the updated information including testing center hours.

If you need assistance locating helpful study resources, contact the NOVA Online Student Success Coach at or call 703.764.5076.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! NOVA campus offices, including the Campus Testing Centers, are closed today, Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th in observation of the Independence Day holiday weekend. ProctorU is available on those dates if the service is available for your course exams.451846227

This week at NOVA Online

Open registration for fall classes is currently underway. Check the schedule of classes in NOVA Connect and follow this tutorial to help you search for online classes through NOVA Online. Make sure you change the date to reflect the term you are looking to register for (summer ’15 or fall ’15).

Are you thinking about an online course through NOVA Online, but not sure if it is right for you? Review our Furthering your education with NOVA Online recording to see if online learning is a right fit for your current educational needs. You could also take the Smarter Measure assessment to see how your personal learning styles will work with online courses.

Monday, June 15th from 12:15-1:15 pm – Participate in an NOVA Online Orientation Webinar – This one hour webinar will focus on getting started in your courses, navigating your Blackboard course site, and identifying tips for success and student support services. The NOVA Online Orientation is highly recommended for students who are new to online learning. Register or request a recording here.

Plan ahead – NOVA Campus Testing Centers will be closed Friday, July 3 & Saturday, July 4 for the Independence Day Holiday Weekend. ProctorU is available on those dates if the service is available for your course exams.

Intellectual Wellness – Staying curious and engaged in learning new things. Being a lifelong learner won’t just make you a well-rounded individual, it will make you healthier. Engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities. Read for pleasure, be aware of social and political issues, or join a club or group that focuses on enhancing intellectual interests. Use #SummerWellness to share your pictures and stories.

What are your summer plans? Have an internship? Traveling? Taking a class? Day Trip? We want to hear about your adventures. Use on Twitter to share pictures and stories.

NOVA Online Testing Tips: Campus Testing Center

When taking your exams, the NOVA Online Student Services Team encourages you to follow the tips outlined below:

Be Prepared – Begin reviewing and studying well in advance. If you need assistance locating helpful study resources, contact your Student Success Coach at or call 703.764.5076.

Campus Testing Center Guidelines

  • Do not wait until the last minute to take your exam(s). If you are able, we advise that you take your exam early. Not only will you avoid long lines, you many also avoid a last minute unforeseen emergency that could prohibit you from getting to a testing center.
  • Verify the Testing Center Hours before you go, and make sure you look at the start times “NOVA Online/Faculty Referred/VCCS Proctored Exams/SDV Able” as well as the office hours for the testing center. All exams are collected 15 minutes prior to the closing of the testing center.
  • Do not forget to bring your completed Exam Pass for each exam and a photo ID. You may print your exam pass from the “Taking Exams and Using Exam Passes” section of the Syllabus button in your Blackboard course site.
  • Be prepared to stow your personal items, not permitted during your exam, including your cell phone (that must be turned off), in the manner required by the testing center (generally in a locker). Simply placing your phone on “silent” is not enough. You are not permitted access to anything other than your exam while testing, unless expressly stated in the exam instructions.
  • If your exam is not working properly in Blackboard (ex. unable to type in a textbox, audio files not working, images missing) or if you feel your exam did not submit properly, please notify testing center staff immediately so they may help you troubleshoot the problem.
  • If you are taking multiple exams, you will be required to go through the line for each exam that you are taking.

Be aware of the parking policies at each NOVA Campus. If you do not have a parking pass, you will need to pay by the hour when you are on campus. You can view the parking policies.

The better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be and the better your testing outcome.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the NOVA Online Success Coaches at or call 703.764.5076.

Good luck on your exams!

(Updated 8/23/17)