The Top Five Things You Need to Know About the NOVA Online Library

Whether you are looking for a scholarly journal article, a clip to spice up your presentation or an e-book for leisure reading, the NOVA Online Librarians are here to help you! There is no longer a need to try and sift through the maze of resources clicking here and there to try and get started. You are not alone; the NOVA Online Librarians are here for you.

Before you begin your next paper, presentation or research, learn how a NOVA Online Librarian can come to your rescue by viewing their YouTube video

You will gain valuable information as you learn to access and navigate the library website with confidence and ease. In four short minutes, you will learn how to use your personal computer, phone or tablet to:

  • Access books and e-books online
  • Request a book be sent to the campus closest to your home for check-out
  • Research library databases by title or subject
  • Search journals
  • Access the 24/7 ask a librarian chat feature staffed by NOVA librarians and the cooperative network of member libraries
  • Reach out to the NOVA – NOVA Online Librarians for personal one on one assistance getting started on your next research paper or presentation
  • Gain valuable research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources on your topic.

Once you finish the video, you can take a journey through the NOVA Online Library website to explore the plethora of additional resources offered through the library to support your success. Not only will the librarians guide you through the research process, they can also assist with research & writing skills, understanding & avoiding plagiarism, and finding all of the sources you need to be successful in your courses!library post‘Knowledge is Power’ – contact your NOVA Online Librarian today!

Written by Adrienne, NOVA Online Student Success Coach

Get Involved with Student Life @ NOVA!

Whether you are taking classes’ on-campus, online or a little bit of both, we encourage you to stay engaged during your educational experience at NOVA! This is where Student Life comes in!

What is Student Life?

The Office of Student Life at NOVA assists students in building community and your connection with the college outside of the classroom. This is done by facilitating virtual and in-person extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities that support focus areas such as:

  • Academic Success
  • Health/Wellness
  • Civic Engagement
  • Diversity/ Inclusion
  • Leadership Development

How to we achieve this goal?

Each NOVA campus (and NOVA Online) has a Student Life office that organizes engagement opportunities for students.  This staff can be reached at any time to help advise you get involved at NOVA based on your educational and personal interests .

Watch this short video to learn more about how to get involved, the NOVA way!

How can I stay updated about Student Life events at the college?

  1. NOVA Student Life has a college-wide events calendar that you can access at anytime to learn more about upcoming events. You can also access NOVA Online’s events calendar for virtual student engagement opportunities

2) Get connected with our Virtual Student Union.  This is an engagement hub where NOVA Online students have access to create a profile, join discussion forums and connect with other students.

3) Social Media: NOVA Online Student Life is on social media! Follow NOVA Online on Facebook and Twitter to gain some great student success tips as an online student and engage in fun activities.

Follow this NOVA Online blog each week to learn more about more specific ways to get involved in Student Life while taking online classes with NOVA Online! contact for questions or more information.

Research Series: Finding Articles in Library Databases

Did you know that NOVA Libraries gives you access to thousands of journal, newspaper, and magazine articles that are housed in over 100 databases? The good news is it’s pretty likely that we have information on the subject you are researching. The bad news? It could be a little overwhelming.

This short 5 minute video will introduce you to library databases and give you some search tips.

NOVA Online-Searching Library Databases

And, as always, if you need help finding information or using any library resources, we’re here to help. E-mail your NOVA Online Library staff at NOVA