zNOVA Online digital open course

Have you registered for your courses for next term? Are you interested in taking a class that doesn’t require you to purchase any textbooks or course materials? A zero textbook-cost NOVA Online course, or zNOVA Online digital open course might be right for you!

Mobility conceptNOVA Online offers several online courses that do not require students to purchase textbooks or other course materials. These zNOVA Online courses use Free Digital/Open Educational Resources (OER) instead of expensive textbooks. You can try one or two zNOVA Online courses, or even complete an entire AS degree track without having to purchase textbooks. Instead of requiring traditional textbooks, all readings and materials used in the courses will be available to students free of charge online as OER, or through NOVA’s digital library resources.

Are you ready try a zNOVA Online class? Just look for the notification in the notes section in the online schedule of classes stating: This is a digital open course. No textbook purchase required.

Save time and money with a zNOVA Online Digital Open course! For more information about registering for NOVA Online courses, contact the NOVA Online Counselors at elicounselors@nvcc.edu or 703.323.2425.