NOVA Tech Fluent Making an Impact

NOVA Tech Fluent

NOVA is tech fluent. We provide great open educational resources, eBook collection, open computer labs and cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we offer flexible classroom, blended and online learning environments.

Named the most digital community college in the United States 2014-2015, NOVA understands that as the pace of technology and innovation continue to accelerate, regional businesses need skilled professionals who can anticipate change and prosper. We are a technology driven community college, investing in leading edge educational resources and interactive curriculum in growing industries including information technology, biotechnology, healthcare and STEM technologies.

NOVA continues to play a vital role in educating Virginia’s workforce as the second-largest community college in the U.S., and is the number two producer of IT associate degree graduates in the nation.

NOVA is an institution on the move!

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Office of Grant Development Website Upgraded


The Office of Grant Development website received a major makeover. Changes you may notice are a revamped home page with new images, three new feature areas, and a direct blog/event feed. The new feature areas on the home page include:

  • Success Stories with photos and testimonials from NOVA students
  • Your Grant in Action; a new section providing a summary on some current grants with dynamic videos
  • How to Apply for a Grant; the content in this section was streamlined for easier understanding and use by faculty and staff and new forms were added

The Web page How Office of Grants Can Help is new with lots of useful information and the Web page Resources to Help You Find a Grant was updated. All of these changes and additions were made to make the grants application process much easier for our faculty and staff and hopefully result in an increase in grant requests!

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NOVA Adopts a New Mascot

NOVA Nighthawks

During the 2014-2015 academic year, NOVA began the process to identify a mascot that would reflect institutional pride and personify school spirit as part of NOVA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. NOVA’s students, faculty and staff were invited to enter up to three possible names through an online suggestion box. Hundreds of suggestions were submitted. Next, a representative student committee reviewed all of the submissions to determine the top choices.

The top five choices were placed on a ballot for voting. Nighthawk was the winner! Look for the Nighthawk appearing in campus bookstores and on NOVA athletic fields.

NOVA student Jennifer Bradley’s design won. The winning design was finalized in Fall 2016.

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NOVA’s Turning 50!

NOVA's 50th

In honor of NOVA proudly celebrating its 50th Anniversary, we created a website to provide you with milestones, fun factoids, video clips, success stories and much more.

Take part by sharing your NOVA success story with us using the convenient My Success Story form. Also, show your NOVA pride by clicking on the New 50th Email Signature button where you can download the special 50th Anniversary logo and add it to your email signature.

Be sure to check out the Announcements section where you’ll find details on all upcoming anniversary events the College is planning. We invite you to join us for the festivities throughout the year!

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Take a Sneak Peak at NOVA’s New Home Page!

New NOVA Home Page Image

Before the end of May you will be able to view the new responsive NOVA website that our team has been diligently working on for many many many months. The responsive website will work on any device — from computer to tablet to smartphone.

The redesigned NOVA home page will feature: integration of videos showcasing student activities; a new minimalist design to compliment the responsiveness; a fun infographics section containing various factoids about the College; Now at NOVA (formerly Important Information) will provide quick blurbs of current college news about registration, tuition deadlines, graduation, etc.; and a section with images and blocks of information about programs and announcements.

Other changes to the home page will include: Student Life moving to the forefront in the main navigation area — giving you more immediate access to details about what’s available at your campus and what’s happening at the College overall; a new audience section for Parents & Families; a new call-to-action button added for ease of making Donations to the College; icons of all official NOVA Social Media at the bottom of the page; a consolidated section with details on the various ways you can conveniently contact NOVA — by phone, request info, email and now live chat; and a small tab/anchor at the bottom of the Web page that you can click on to quickly get back to the top of the page.

We hope you like what you see so far and we can’t wait to show you the rest soon!

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Website Redesign: What to Expect

The new NOVA website will have many great features and work on any device — from computer to tablet to smartphone. Due to the responsive design of our new website, we will no longer have a need for our current mobile site once the new site goes live. However, we will continue to have our NOVA app. The navigation of the new website will be different. We will still have audience-based resource pages, but the main navigation will include Academics, Admission & Registration, Campuses & Centers, Services & Support, Student Life and About NOVA. A new Course Search application will also be available. In addition, we have worked hard to simplify, consolidate and make the content more focused. We are excited and can’t wait to present the new website to you!

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Website Redesign: Update

Website Redesign

The NOVA website redesign project remains on schedule. The target date for the new site to go live is the end of April 2015. The design for the website was approved and planning for the migration is under way. We will continue to post updates about the process along the way, so be sure to keep checking back!

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Website Facelift

NOVA Website Home Page

Time goes sooooo quickly! It’s been seven years since our last major website redesign. We are currently working hard to bring you a new dynamic and informative site. The new NOVA website design will be responsive to meet the diverse technology needs of our large student, faculty/staff and community audiences. The launch of the new site is estimated to take place in the spring of 2015. We will be posting updates about the process along the way, so be sure to keep checking back.

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NEW — Student Handbook and Five Subsites

Student Handbook

Student Handbook

If you’re a NOVA student, we encourage you to review the NEW online Student Handbook!

Student Handbook Landing Page

  • We created a brand new, visual, simple and colorful landing page for the Student Handbook — the PDF version has been discontinued.
  • The new approach allows for timely, more frequent updates to the publication and its many important sections.

Specific sections of the handbook that are new and/or were redesigned include:

1. Advising & Counseling

      • this section was completely redesigned, with a new look, content and organization of material
      • the goal was to make a large amount of valuable content easy to find on one page using accordions and a “modular”, two-column design
      • you can now directly navigate to NOVA’s many Advising and Counseling services at all the campuses and it’s easier to access the myStudentSuccess Planner

2. Registrar Services

      • this is a new Web page that was designed to provide easy access to both Campus and College registrar services

3. Student Conduct and Integrity

      • this is a new Web page that includes content previously found in only the print and PDF versions of the Student Handbook
      • accordions were used on the page to break sections up into chunks
      • the layout makes it easier to update if/when material changes

4. Policies & Forms – Current Students

      • we added many policies that were previously found in only the print and PDF versions of the Student Handbook

5. College Safety

      • similar to Advising & Counseling, the challenge of this section was to present a large amount of important information on one, easy-to-read page

The online Student Handbook is a valuable resource. Bookmark it today!

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Check out the redesigned Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) site! The main goal behind the project was to reorganize the existing information and include new information in a more logical way. We removed the secondary navigation from all CETL pages and redesigned the existing interior pages. We created a carousel on the CETL home page that  highlights current CETL programs and links each program to a page within the website. Previously, the programs were separated in two places — the website and the CETL blog. We also made better use of the existing blog by cleaning up the entries and feeding them directly to the CETL landing page with links back to the blog. We eliminated the staff and contact page in favor of listing current staff prominently on the landing page with relevant contact details and links. We also included CETL goals and resources at the bottom of the page.

In addition, we created a Web page for the new CETL Teaching Institute program. This page contains an intro and all relevant details for the program schedule including dates, times and locations.

We hope you have a more user-friendly experience!


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