NEW — Student Handbook and Five Subsites

Student Handbook

Student Handbook

If you’re a NOVA student, we encourage you to review the NEW online Student Handbook!

Student Handbook Landing Page

  • We created a brand new, visual, simple and colorful landing page for the Student Handbook — the PDF version has been discontinued.
  • The new approach allows for timely, more frequent updates to the publication and its many important sections.

Specific sections of the handbook that are new and/or were redesigned include:

1. Advising & Counseling

      • this section was completely redesigned, with a new look, content and organization of material
      • the goal was to make a large amount of valuable content easy to find on one page using accordions and a “modular”, two-column design
      • you can now directly navigate to NOVA’s many Advising and Counseling services at all the campuses and it’s easier to access the myStudentSuccess Planner

2. Registrar Services

      • this is a new Web page that was designed to provide easy access to both Campus and College registrar services

3. Student Conduct and Integrity

      • this is a new Web page that includes content previously found in only the print and PDF versions of the Student Handbook
      • accordions were used on the page to break sections up into chunks
      • the layout makes it easier to update if/when material changes

4. Policies & Forms – Current Students

      • we added many policies that were previously found in only the print and PDF versions of the Student Handbook

5. College Safety

      • similar to Advising & Counseling, the challenge of this section was to present a large amount of important information on one, easy-to-read page

The online Student Handbook is a valuable resource. Bookmark it today!

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