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Some Things You Might have Missed on Our Facebook and Around the Internet

There is this great infographic on intimate partner violence statistics:

If you are not following Chescaleigh, just watch some of her videos. She addresses a lot of socioeconomic issues that continue to be both prevalent and problematic today. She is also hilarious! Here is her video on being an ally:

Here is a post about a study done that allows people to experience what it is like living with another skin color in virtual environments:

I find this one particularly interesting due to the fact that people of color who play games are often faced with playing a character that does not reflect their color, so it is fascinating for scientists to look at this from the other end of the spectrum.

Black Lives Matter at NOVA

black lives matter

This phrase has been appearing across social media as of late, in the wake of both Ferguson and New York. There are heated debates all over discussing police brutality, but on a larger scale, systems that exist that do not protect people of color, and perpetuate long held sentiments of institutionalized racism.

We have never really had an honest discussion about racism in this country, and how it is so entrenched in the foundations, and how it has shaped the way we function as a nation today. Ferguson and New York are just two more tragic examples of this, and how there needs to be a change, and how we need to have an honest discussion.

Today NOVA stands together.


The faculty, staff, and students of the Women’s Center are saddened to report the passing of a great man, professor and civic leader, Dr. Joseph Windham. He gave his life selflessly to the success, fulfillment and advancement of his students here at NOVA. He was a champion for equal rights for all and was a true friend of all of us at the Women’s Center. His loss will be greatly felt.

Here is the board that was created in his honor: