Urusula Burns

Many of us have seen Xerox boxes around campus, holding the precious paper we use for copying and printing, but did you know that the CEO of the Fortune 500 company is Ursula Burns. This week we are looking Ms. Burns in our Black History Month series.

ursula burns
Why you may ask?

We are all aware of the minimal female presence in the STEM fields, and women of color are even rarer. Ms. Burns managed to knock down those hurdles back in the 1980’s by getting a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University(Xerox), when it was even more of a rarity. She is also the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company.

Ms. Burns is an inspiration, and has managed to break both gender and racial barriers in the Stem field. For more on this powerful, check out the video, where she talks about her upbringing, and the challenges she faced to get where she is today.

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