Monthly Archives: September 2015

Wilaya Viewing 9/22

There have been a lot of great things going around campus lately, and hopefully many of you have noticed that is Hispanic Heritage month. Outside of 252, there is a lovely display highlighting Hispanic Heritage. If you have not seen it, please go check it out.


Today in lieu of our normal round table there will be a viewing of “Wilaya“. It is a drama that is in both Spanish and Arabic, with English subtitles. Come join us for the viewing at 2:30 in room AA 160. There will be a discussion after the film that will be moderated by Prof. Lama Hamdan. Hope to see you guys there! And stay tuned for some more exciting events coming up in the next few weeks.


Our board meeting went very well last week. It was nice to see familiar faces, and to start putting in the groundwork for what should be an exciting year.

Some things to look out for this year, is ongoing series on transgender issues. Please look out for these topics, the last Tuesday of each month. Many people may have questions about what is transgender? Or may just be looking for a safe place to talk, this is the perfect place. We hope to see many faces come out and join us.

We will also be doing Red Flag month again, so please stay tuned for some exciting events associated with that.


Last but not least, please come to 331 today for our weekly round table at 2 pm!