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Some Things You Might have Missed on Our Facebook and Around the Internet

There is this great infographic on intimate partner violence statistics:


If you are not following Chescaleigh, just watch some of her videos. She addresses a lot of socioeconomic issues that continue to be both prevalent and problematic today. She is also hilarious! Here is her video on being an ally:


Here is a post about a study done that allows people to experience what it is like living with another skin color in virtual environments:


I find this one particularly interesting due to the fact that people of color who play games are often faced with playing a character that does not reflect their color, so it is fascinating for scientists to look at this from the other end of the spectrum.

Review of White Women, Black Hairstyle

Someone linked an article on Facebook about this artist named Endia Beal, and I could not control my compulsion to click on the article and see what this talented lady had come up with.

Like the title of this post implies, Beal has taken photos of 40+ white women with what are typically seen as black hairstyles. The name of the project is “Can I Touch It?”  I love the idea of this project, especially at a time when so many black females debate on whether or not to wear their hair naturally. In a lot of professionals settings it is seen as unprofessional to wear your natural hair. Yes, there are ways to make your hair fit into a more mainstream, “acceptable”, but I always wonder why is it necessary for me to alter my natural hair in order to fit someone else’s ideal, however, that is another post.

Beal captures these women with these hairstyles, and is hoping to extend that  project so that these women, or women like them enter the corporate world with these hairstyles. According to David Rosenberg, “Beal is an artist looking to open a dialogue among people of different gender, race, and generations about the ways in which we express ourselves, specifically in a corporate environment.”  I applaud her for using her art to create dialogue; I think she is being both creative and savvy in bringing this discussion about.

Important discussions aside, these are some amazing photos, and it is fascinating to see how the styles looked on the women.

Here is a link to the photos and article: http://www.slate.com/blogs/behold/2013/10/15/endia_beal_can_i_touch_it_explores_gender_race_and_generational_gaps_in.html

Also, this is her website that is under construction. I definitely think it is worth checking from time to time so we can see what she is up to: