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Typhoon Taskforce in Action

Day #1

From: Luis Castro, Pathway Manassas                                                                                                                         Sent: Monday, 11/11/2013, 7:34pm                                                                                                                       Subject: Help the Philippines

Given the recrelief party11ent devastation that has occurred in the Philippines due to the typhoon, I believe it would be a great idea to open up donation spots in the various campuses where people can drop off anything from money to food to clothes. Even toys and more would be great. At the end of the month, or sometime next month, we could get all these donations together and send them over to the Philippines to help the families in need.

Reply: Ms. Riggs                                                                                                                Sent: Monday, 11/11/2013
Subject: Help the Philippines

Meet me at your earliest convenience. Let’s make it happen!

Day #2                                                                                                                            Wednesday, 11/13/13                                                                                                        Luis Castro drove to Annandale from Manassas to meet with Ms. Riggs

Day #3
Friday, 11/15/13
Emergency PAC Meeting
Agenda: Form Disaster Relief Committee & Strategy                        PAC’s Goal: $2500 to donate to NAFCON (National Association for Filipino Concern) an organization dedicated to helping Philippine causes, since 1996.

Disaster Relief Committee                                                                             Chairperson: Luis Castro, MA                                                                           Co-Chairs: Ayah Manalastas and My Le, AN                                       Secretary: Dilasa Yahya, AN                                                           Treasurer: Tenequa Howard, AN

Executive Committee Chairperson(s): Seerat Sandhu and Behrad Azhandeh

Day #4 – #9                                                                                                           PAC/Pathway/NOVA students volunteered: making signs, donation boxes, sitting at the table, walking around campus asking for support, and much more. Donation tables were on all 5 NOVA campuses from 10am – 3pm….PAC was dedicated!


relief party4

 Day #10

PAC hit donations of over $1700 thanks to a lot of hard work and planning by many but, several spark plugs (people who spark and influence others to movement) really kept the ball rolling …seen here is spark plug Ayah Manalastas a tireless advocate for Filipino concerns.

Day #11

party-flyerParty with a Cause “Typhoon Benefit” on the AN campus put PAC over their goal and students had a great time dancing the day away….

Alexandria’s Kabihasnan Club joined efforts with PAC and together they happily raised well over $3000 in record breaking time.

Thank you NOVA community for stepping up to the challenge!

PAC/NOVA students job well done…You Rock!


Congratulations Class of 2011-2012

Each year Pathway graduates from NOVA and Mason are presented with a special recognition celebration courtesy of the Pathway program, honoring their special day. Music, food, and a memorable time are had by all!

We look forward to celebrating with the class of 2012-2013 next May.