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New Bus Routes Make Commute Simpler, Faster

By Erin Cohen, Pathway Student Intern

Shortly after I was first hired at NOVA, I had meetings at both the Alexandria and Annandale campuses. Since I was just starting to look for an apartment and not familiar with Northern Virginia, I stayed with a friend in Ballston for a week while I got myself settled in at work. Though Ballston is fairly close to both campuses, I relied solely on public transportation to get to and from work every day.

My commute time to each campus was over an hour and thirty minutes both ways! I was amazed that some students have similar long commutes every day and still make it to class on time and manage to keep up with their studies. That’s why I was so excited when I found out about the new NOVA-specific bus routes that run between the Annandale and Alexandria campuses and THREE area Metro stations – Dunn Loring, Ballston, and Braddock Road.

Route A will run between the Annandale Campus, NOVA’s Workforce Development Office in Annandale, and Dunn Loring Metro station.

Route B will run between the Alexandria Campus, NOVA’s Arlington Center, and Ballston Metro station.

Route C will run between the Annandale and Alexandria Campuses and Braddock Road Metro station.

From now on, my commute will be simple – I’ll walk to a Metro station where I’ll board a NOVA bus and show my NOVACard to get a FREE ride to whichever campus I’m working at that particular day. Whether I’m needed at Alexandria, Annandale, or both campuses, I’ll have a free, reliable, safe ride to the office and home every day. I’m so excited for all NOVA students, faculty, and staff who can now commute in the new, comfortable NOVA buses operated by Reston Limousine.

See you on the bus!