Pathway Advisory Council

Pathway Advisory Council (PAC)

What is PAC’s Primary Purpose? The primary purpose of PAC is to communicate thoughts, ideas, and concerns and make suggestions on ways to increase student learning and improve student life within Pathway at NOVA.

Who is PAC? PAC is comprised of over 50 student representatives from all five campuses reflecting the diversity of Pathway.

How much time must I commit? PAC meets at least bi-monthly on all five campuses  to discuss various issues related to both the College and the program and create solutions. However, PAC is active throughout the year holding fundraising events, sponsoring community service trips, and providing students with engagement opportunities.

Why should I be interested? PAC is a fun and excellent opportunity for Pathway students to gain and develop leadership and planning skills and experience. Students attend a variety of on-campus and off-campus leadership development retreats, conferences, and events. As well, they host and plan many events that provide them with a broader networking experience while attending NOVA .

What is expected of a PAC member?

  • PAC members represent and serve PtB in various ambassador-like capacities as requested by management.
  • PAC members are expected to share information via events and social media with other Pathway students to further gauge and convey campus-wide student opinion.
  • Attend monthly PAC training sessions & meetings.

How do I join? Applications are available at your campus Pathway offices and online: click here.

Who do I contact for more information? Check with your Pathway counselor.