Embedded Tutoring

The Woodbridge campus offers a service called “NOVA Gold” where tutors are “embedded”¬†into developmental Math and English courses to assist¬†both students and professors. Tutors act as an extra resource in the classroom, assisting with workshops, computer/technical questions, assignment comprehension, and other tasks.

All tutors in classrooms are current employees of the tutoring center and have gone through the same hiring and training process as tutors with walk-in hours.

If you have a tutor in your class, please feel free to utilize their help for assignments. The tutor may also have additional walk-in hours in the PIER where you can get further assistance on class assignments.

What are the benefits of having a tutor in your classroom?

  1. The tutor has been there for all classroom instruction, so they know what you are working on and what the class has covered
  2. The tutor has likely spoken with the professor about assignments and has an understanding of what is expected
  3. The tutor is not grading your work, so he/she will give you feedback without any say in what the final grade will be
  4. The tutor is a student too!