Walk-in Tutoring

What is walk-in tutoring?

The PIER primarily offers walk-in tutoring for all students of NOVA. There is no need to make an appointment for most subjects; simply consults our Hours page and stop by whenever there is a tutor scheduled for your particular subject.

Anytime we are open, there is at least one writing and one math tutor on shift. We also have tutors available for other highly requested subjects such as Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Physics, IT, and Economics. We have less hours for these subjects than math and writing, so make sure to check our Hours page to make sure a tutor is on shift on the day and time you wish to come in. If you have any questions about subjects and/or walk-in hours, please email estinson@nvcc.edu or call 703-878-5657.

If we do not have a tutor available for your subject, or if you have an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from attending walk-in hours, please see our One-on-One tutoring page with information about this service and to complete our Tutor Request form.

Please note that we do not fill requests for Math or Writing unless a student has documented accommodations from the college.


What materials should I bring?

It is helpful to tutors for students to bring certain materials to walk-in sessions that will give them an understanding of the assignment and course content. Therefore, please make sure to bring the following to your tutoring session:

  • Assignment sheet
  • Textbook
  • Class notes
  • Previous drafts
  • Any prior feedback from your professor


Can a tutor teach me something I missed in class?

Walk-in tutoring does not replace in class instruction. Our tutors are current students of NOVA, and as such, they are not trained as professors to teach course materials. They can absolutely help students understand the materials taught in class, but instructors are still the best resource for students.

If a student misses something taught in class, our advice is to reach out to your professor and/or fellow classmates to see what was missed. Review those materials first and foremost, and bring any questions to tutoring sessions.