2015 Summer NOVA PD Training

Active Shooter Response Training

In a continuing effort to ensure safety and security at NOVA campuses, the NOVA Police are offering Active Shooter Response training for the NOVA community.

Topics include:

  • What is an Active Shooter?
  • Statistics/case studies
  • NOVA’s response to the 2009 Woodbridge shooting
  • Police responsibilities and capabilities
  • Tips on how to protect yourself and others
  • Resources

Dates and locations: (Training will be held from noon-1:00 PM)

  • June 22, Manassas Campus, MP 211
  • June 23, Alexandria Campus, AA 158
  • June 24, Annandale Campus, CA 305
  • June 29, Woodbridge Campus, Seefeldt 106
  • July 1, Loudoun Campus, LR 144
  • July 2, Medical Education Campus, Room 254

Active Shooter Banner


How to Stay Safe on Campus


Attend this training to learn about NOVA Police campus safety resources and strategies.

Topics include:

  • NOVA safety resources
  • Personal safety tips
  • Active shooter response overview
  •  And much more

Dates and locations: (Training will be held from noon-1:00 PM)

  • July 7, Loudoun Campus, LR 144
  • July 8, Alexandria Campus, AA 196
  • July 13, Manassas Campus, MP 211
  • July 14, Woodbridge Campus, Seefeldt 106
  •  July 16 Annandale Campus, CT 208
  • July 20, Medical Education Campus, Room 254


Safety Picture



Gang Awareness

NOVA Police will conduct a Gang Awareness training workshop. With gangs and gang activity on the rise, this training will provide some of the necessary tools to combat gangs in our neighborhoods and schools.

Topics include:

  • What is a gang and who are likely recruits?
  • Where are gangs located in our area?
  • How to identify gang members and gang activity
  • How to identify gang graffiti
  • Ways to combat gangs
  • Resources

Dates and locations:(Training will be held from noon-1:00 PM)

  • August 24, Manassas Campus, TBD
  • August 26, Loudoun Campus, LR 233
  • September 01, Alexandria Campus, AA 158
  • September 02, Annandale Campus, CC 103
  • September 03, Medical Education Campus, Room 254
  • September 04, Woodbridge Campus, Seefeldt 233D, Provost Conference Room


Gang int




Please RSVP for this training. If you need to request accommodations, please e-mail Outreach     Officer Tony Ong at tong@nvcc.edu or call 703-933-1850


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