New NOVA Historic Preservation Video is on the Web

The “NOVA in 3 Hot Minutes” series has just produced a feature on the Historic Preservation Program.  The video is available on iTunes U and YouTube, and is currently part of the rotation of clips playing on the television monitors throughout the College.  This should be a nice step toward raising the profile of the program a bit.  Program veterans will perhaps recognize some of our faculty opining on why the program is awesome. Enjoy!

NOVA in 3 Hot Minutes Historic Preservation

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Doug is a historian and educator with more than a decade of experience teaching Western, World, US, and European history at colleges and universities in Virginia and Maryland. His scholarship focuses on national identity, education, and historical memory in Austria during the era of the World Wars, and includes work at the US Archives, the US Library of Congress, the Austrian National Library, and the Austrian State Archive. He has taught at NOVA since 2006 and has been the Historic Preservation Program Head since 2012.