Past Seminars (pre-2017)

Some of the past Science Seminars were recorded and can be accessed at the NOVA Science Seminars channel of NOVA’s Public Library: Video on Demand online repository.

Astrobiology: The Origin, Evolution, Distribution and Future of Life in the Universe | 05/01/2017
Seemal Asghar, Maha Khalid, Nimra Viryam, Plus NOVA Professor Dr. Muffarah Marr (NOVA-Annandale, Biology)

The Science of Learning – How to Be a Better Student | 11/04/2016
Dr. Robert Loser (NOVA-Annandale, Instructional Designer)

My Fender bender was minor Why are my grades and health Plummeting? | 09/30/2016
Dr. Carmel Dekel Wiseman (chiropractor)

The Ecology of Wavyleaf Basketgrass | 03/25/2016
Dr. Vanessa B. Beauchamp (Towson University)

How STEM Became STEAM | 02/26/2016
Dr. Gillian Backus (NOVA-Loudoun, Biology) & Dr. Diane Mucci (NOVA-Manassas, Biology)

Endless Forms Most Beautiful? | 10/23/2015
Dr. Sean B. Carroll (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

Nuclear Matters: Can Nuclear Energy Be the Front Line of Defense Against Climate Change | 03/25/2015
Dr. Shivaji Seth (consultant in nuclear physics)

From Meters to Microns: Mineralogy at NOVA | 02/20/2015
Dr. Shelley Jaye (NOVA-Annandale, Geology)

Quantum Computers and Schrodinger’s Cat | 01/29/2015
Dr. David J. Wineland (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Your Telomeres and Your Immortality | 02/21/2014
Dr. Mihaela Chamberlin (NOVA-Annandale, Chemistry)

The Sun: Our Very Own Stellar Laboratory | 10/24/2014
Dr. Peter Williams (NOVA-Annandale, Physics)

Climate Change Mitigation and Impacts: Technologies and Policies | 11/22/2013
Dr. Jayant Sathaye (University of California, Berkeley)

Here Comes the Boom: Scientific Writing throughout History… with Volcanoes! | 10/23/2013
Dr. Art Schuhart (NOVA-Annandale, English)

CERN Experiences | 11/30/2012
Dr. Walerian Majewski (NOVA-Annandale, Physics)

Microbial Vignettes: It’s Okay to Be Small | 09/28/2012
Lisa D. Williams (NOVA-Annandale, Biology)

Fourth Annual Climate Change Symposium: Talking About Climate Change | 04/16/2012
Callan Bentley (NOVA-Annandale, Geology)

ELI Common Reader: Discussion of the book “Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” | 10/26/2012
Ivan Amato (author) and Dr. Karla Henthorn (NOVA-Annandale, Biology)

Evolution and the Structure of the Natural World | 09/28/2012
Dr. Ilya Tëmkin (NOVA-Annandale, Biology)

Glitter as Forensic Evidence | 03/28/2012
Lisa D. Williams (NOVA-Annandale, Biology)

Going to the Ends of the Earth to Study Ice Sheets, Sea Level and Global Climate Change | 11/18/2011
Dr. Julie M. Palais (NSF)

Wetlands: An Ecosystem Perspective | 10/28/2011
Lisa D. Williams (NOVA-Annandale, Biology)

Antarctic Images, Explorations and Scientific Research | 03/18/2011
Dr. W. Lance Haworth (NSF)

NOVA Galileo Gala Celebrates 400 Years of the Telescope and Galileo | 11/19/2010
Dr. James Trefil (George Mason University), Dr. Paul Fitzgerald (NOVA-Annandale, Biology), Dr. F. Robert van der Linden (National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution), and Rebecca Kamen (NOVA-Alexandria, Art)

Global Warming IS Your Future: Learn What Campuses Can Do | 02/05/2009
Mike Tidwell (Chesapeake Climate Action Network)