National Geographic Student Map Competitions

National Geographic is pleased to announce its continued support of student mapping and cartography through a number of awards for 2012. Please find attached a poster advertising 3 different student map competitions open to undergraduate and graduate students. Full details of the awards can be found on the National Geographic Awards site, here:

The National Geographic-supported awards are administered in conjunction with the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Cartography Specialty Group, the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS), and the British Cartographic Society.

Association of American Geographers:  National Geographic Award in Mapping

Who is eligible?  Undergraduate students and master’s degree candidates

What do you get?  1st prize $900 (U.S.) and 2nd prize $300 (U.S.). Winners will also receive National Geographic atlases or other map products.

The following types of submissions are welcome:

map products in digital and paper format; webbased maps or cartographic services; dynamic, animated, and/or interactive geovisualization environments; or other cartographic projects.  Submissions must be received by February 12, 2012.  Submissions are judged by the National Geographic Award in Mapping committee of the AAG Cartography Specialty Group (CSG) based on the technical, aesthetic, and overall quality of the submission. Applying students do not need to be members of the AAG.


Cartography and Geographic Information Society:  (CaGIS ) Student Map Design Competition

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate students and master’s-degree candidates. Student entries must be produced with student facilities as part of an accredited course and entries approved by the course instructor.

What do you get?

Awards are given for Best Printed Map and Best Electronic Map. National Geographic provides a cash prize and atlases for this competition that evaluates map design and how a map meets its design objectives.  Submissions must be received by January 29, 2012 for maps completed or published in 2011. Applying students do not need to be members of CaGIS . Full contest details can be found at

British Cartographic Society:  National Geographic New Mapmapker Award

Who is eligible?  College students or new professionals

What do you get? £500 cash

The deadline is July 30, 2012. Applicants do not need to be members of the British Cartographic Society. More information and application forms are at the British Cartographic Society.  website:

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