Call for Trainers at GIS Conference

 Open Call for Geospatial Training Services

2013 Virginia GIS Conference

 Open Call to provide Training Services for the 2013 Virginia GIS Conference held in Williamsburg, VA on September 16 – 17, 2013.

The Virginia Association of Mapping and Land Information Systems (VAMLIS) sponsors Virginia’s premier GIS conference which includes hundreds of attendees from government (local, state, and federal agencies) and the private sector. We invite all interested geospatial trainers to respond to this call for training services.  Response Date: Interested training groups must respond to this request by 5:00 PM April 5, 2013.

Remit form(s) to and visit for more information

See the attached Call and Form for more information.


This conference is a two day event with training taking place the first day, Monday, September 16th. Successful respondents are also encouraged to participate in the second day of the conference which will consist of lightning round talks and presentations.

The proposed courses must be related to the development of geospatial skills and abilities of VAMLIS members and non-members and be affordable. Proposed training sessions should be one hour, three hours, or six hours in duration. The training should begin no earlier than 9:00 A.M. (to allow for travel) and end no later than 5:00 PM. Six hour sessions will break for one hour at noon for lunch.

 Interested training groups may submit one or more training sessions for review by the VAMLIS Conference Committee. Space for training is limited so the Conference Committee will pick training sessions based on value provided to VAMLIS members and the fees associated with the course.

 One form is required for each training session topic.

 Categories for the training sessions include:

 -Professional Development:

*Training services provided to students led by professional geospatial trainers.

*Must award attendees with certificate of completion.

-Professional Lectures:

 *In-depth exploration of Geospatial topics, governance, etc.

*Lectures and discussions led by Geospatial faculty memberes for no fee.

*Proof of attendance:  signed syllabus/agenda.

 Lectures and discussions led by Geospatial faculty members for What VAMLIS will provide:

Free Advertisement:

The training vendor will be mentioned in all conference programs, on web site and social media promotions, and all pre-conference and registration mailings.

Free Space:

VAMLIS is offering free classroom space with seating up to 50 people per session.

Technical Services:

VAMLIS will provide Internet Access and a projector for each classroom. The training group must provide computers (or require students to bring their own), training materials, certificates of completion and any other materials and/or supplies it deems necessary to successfully train the students.

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