Student Opportunities at the CIA

From CIA website:


Contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate. Apply to participate in one of the outstanding student work programs at the CIA, including undergraduate student internships or undergraduate co-ops, and graduate studies programs.

This is an opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals who support US officials that make our country’s foreign policy. You’ll assist with substantive and meaningful work assignments, while earning a competitive income and gaining invaluable practical experience. There’s no better place to learn than at the center of intelligence.



The Loudoun GIS Forum will take place on May 8th from 8 am until 3:30 pm at Loudoun Water in Ashburn, VA.  The cost for advanced registration is $25.00 or  pay $30.00 at the door.  The agenda for the this year’s forum is “Mapping the Future:  Mobile, Social Media and

the GIS Professional”.  Please click on the link for the agenda, registration form and Map Gallery submission form.

GIS FORUM 8 DOCS 2013 (1)

2013 ASPRS Conference: UAVs for Remote Sensing applications

It’s incredible how fast the Photogrammetry/Remote sensing industry is embracing UAV technology. In past ASPRS meetings there was almost no mention of UAVs, while in the 2013 Conference there were four presentations involving the use of small UAVs as platforms for Remote Sensing, and a few vendors were also displaying small UAVs and sensors light enough to be carried by unmanned systems. Some of these companies are already working with universities and government agencies while preparing for the upcoming 2015 regulations, which will open the market for commercial UAV applications and have the potential to put 30,000 drones in the nation’s skies by 2020 [1]
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