2013 VAMLIS Virginia GIS Conference Poster Conference

2013 VAMLIS Virginia GIS Conference Poster Contest


A picture tells a thousand words! This is an open invitation to the geospatial community (local  governments, PDC’s, state agencies, federal governments working in Virginia, precollege students and faculty, higher education students and faculty) to share your work and ideas with others.  This is an excellent (and casual) way to share what your organization is doing with the rest of Virginia’s geospatial community!

Contest Categories




Higher   education

(undergrad + graduate students)


(local / state / federal government personnel, land trust,   private sector, educational faculty and staff)

1ST   Place: $1000 Award

1st   Place: $1000 Award

1st   Place: $100 Gift Card

2nd   Place: $100 Gift Card

2nd   Place: $100 Gift Card

2nd   Place: $50 Gift Card

3rd   Place: $50 Gift Card

3rd   Place: $50 Gift Card

3rd   Place: $50 Gift Card

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Google’s Loon Project

Google’s Loon Project Puts Balloon Technology in Spotlight

Future stratospheric systems could change how the world goes online.

Brian Handwerk

for National Geographic

Published June 18, 2013

Google’s Project Loon aims to bring remote parts of the globe online with a ring of floating balloons. The balloons will drift through the stratosphere—which is about twice as high as commercial planes fly—to deliver 3G service to off-the-grid areas.

The ambitious project’s recent test launch on New Zealand’s South Island has generated a lot of media buzz, but it turns out that high-altitude platforms (HAP) have been around for a while.

A decade ago, the European Union funded the CAPANINA project to deliver broadband from high-altitude platforms in the stratosphere. Back in 2005, it successfully produced broadband wireless access at distances of up to 37 miles (60 kilometers) from a free-floating balloon in the stratosphere over northern Sweden.

Tim Tozer, an expert on wireless, satellite, and HAP communications at the University of York in Great Britain, was part of that effort. He spoke with National Geographic about the current state of the science—and the promising future beyond Google’s balloons.

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Blue Marvel Ocean Mysteries

In a collaboration of the US National Science Foundation and the Group on Earth Observations,

the NSF-funded Ocean Research Collaboration Network is proud to announce series of webinars

called “Blue Marvel – Ocean Mysteries.”  The series will look at the ocean and its impact on us – from

life in the ocean to human life on Earth.

The next of the lecture series in Blue Marvel Ocean Mysteries is by Simon Allen, on
June 25 at 4PM PDT, 7:00PM EDT (USA time).  Information
and registration (no cost) is available at www.oceanmysteries.net. Registration
is required.

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Census Bureau’s 2012 ACS Release Dates


Census Bureau’s 2012 ACS* Release Dates

Ah summer. The sweet smell of BBQ and   bug repellant. The sizzle of water droplets on the Texas sidewalks. But   really, nothing says summer to me like the announcement of new Census   datasets.

Let Kristen know if you have any questions about the new   data.

  • Sept 19, 2013 – 2012 ACS 1 year estimates
  • Oct 24, 2013 – 2010 – 2012 ACS 3 year estimates
  • Dec 5, 2013 – 2008 – 2013 ACS 5 year estimates

*If you’re a normal person   who doesn’t speak Census (Census-ese?), ACS stands for American Community   Survey.

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DC Meet Up (in Vienna, VA)

Unlock the Power of Imagery

See How GIS Analytics   and Imagery Break Down Barriers

Come join us on June 20 at the Esri office in Vienna,   Virginia, to check out the latest tools for imagery data, analysis, and   exploitation. Esri is teaming up with Pictometry — world leader in   high-quality aerial oblique imagery — to provide you with the latest updates   on the harmonious integration of GIS and imagery, giving you insight into the   data and tools to make the most accurate and confident decisions for your   organization and those you serve.

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Geospatial Analyst Summer Internship

Geospatial Analyst Summer Internship with The Nature Conservancy’s Forests and Climate Global Priority


Deforestation leads to about 15% of the annual emissions of carbon dioxide, among other greenhouse gases, and The Nature Conservancy is promoting forest conservation as an important part of the overall solution to climate change.  As part of this effort, The Nature Conservancy’s Climate Change Team is implementing forest conservation projects in Indonesia and Brazil to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD).  We are demonstrating that conservation of tropical rainforests is a cost-effective, and technically feasible, strategy for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases while conserving high biodiversity forest systems.

A core part of these conservation initiatives is forest carbon accounting: scientific analyses to determine the amount of carbon emissions from forests due to deforestation and degradation (e.g. logging), and the amount of potential emissions reductions from conservation strategies.

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8th Annual Loudoun County GIS Forum (8 May 2013) Videos

Did you  miss the Forum?  Or was there a particular presentation you want to review?  You can find the key presentations from the Forum at the following URL:   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6cRuh6HoyleuyUHGk3okBI_dsBp9x2L  (notes: 1) this is a YouTube site, and may not be viewed from some computers due to security restrictions; 2) you may need to copy the URL to your browser bar to get access to the videos)

Free & Open Source GIS???

An excellent recap from the 10th (!) free and open-source GIS conference (FOSS4G), May 2013. There is so much more than just proprietary geospatial software available. See the following URL for an excellent recap of the conference: http://reprojected.com/blog/2013/05/28/foss4g-na-2013-was-a-home-run/ (note: you may need to cut this URL and paste it into your browser bar)