Blue Marvel Ocean Mysteries

In a collaboration of the US National Science Foundation and the Group on Earth Observations,

the NSF-funded Ocean Research Collaboration Network is proud to announce series of webinars

called “Blue Marvel – Ocean Mysteries.”  The series will look at the ocean and its impact on us – from

life in the ocean to human life on Earth.

The next of the lecture series in Blue Marvel Ocean Mysteries is by Simon Allen, on
June 25 at 4PM PDT, 7:00PM EDT (USA time).  Information
and registration (no cost) is available at Registration
is required.

Meeting Description:

A review of future marine data collection, discovery and visualisation options. A look at some potential new technologies and why despite the data deluge on land we just cannot find the data we are looking for in the ocean, let alone visualise it.  The talk will move us in from the deep ocean into the coastal zone which is under pressure from the 37% of the global population that live in the coastal strip (<100km from the coast). In the shallow coastal waters it will look at the problems associated with data collection and critically assess our ability to monitor change in this high energy, highly modified environment.

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