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IPUMS Jobs and Educational Opportnities

IPUMS = University of Minnesota (top-notch GIS and RS programs!)

We currently have several job openings at the Minnesota Population Center. We would also like to announce our new Graduate Training Program in Population Studies, the call for papers for the 2013 IPUMS Research Awards, and the recent IPUMS data releases.
Position Openings

The Minnesota Population Center has multiple job openings, including Research Fellows/Research Associates to work on the Terra Populus and Historical Census projects.

To obtain more information and download position announcements, please visit our website at

Graduate Student Training Program
In fall 2014, MPC will launch a new Graduate Training Program in Population Studies. Students admitted to a variety of University of Minnesota PhD programs can apply for a three-year fully-funded traineeship, which includes formal training in the theory, methods, and substance of interdisciplinary population research. MPC Trainees will gain hands-on experience as part of substantive and data infrastructure research projects in a vibrant and growing interdisciplinary population center.

For more information, please go to or contact Training Director Rob Warren at

IPUMS Research Award

This is the sixth annual award competition for research using the IPUMS microdata collection. Papers or publications submitted should utilize IPUMS-USA, IPUMS-CPS, IPUMS-International or IHIS data to study social, economic, and/or demographic processes.

Cash prizes will be awarded for:

Best published work
Best work by a graduate student, published or unpublished

Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2014. To submit your work, go to:
New IPUMS and other Minnesota Population Center Data

The IPUMS-CPS project released data from the Education, Fertility, Food Security, Tobacco Use, Veterans, Volunteer and Voter Supplements. Data from the 2013 CPS Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) are also available.
The Integrated Health Interview Survey (IHIS) added data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey.
The American Time Use Survey Extract Builder (ATUS-X) added 2012 ATUS data.


IPUMS Project Team
Minnesota Population Center
University of Minnesota

2014-2015 STEM Scholarship

CC Flyer

GIS is a STEM field (if you are studying GIS, you are eligible to compete for a scholarship!).

The Community College STEM Scholarship provides a one-year, non-renewable award of $2,000 for students enrolled full time (12 credit hours or more) at one of Virginia’s Community Colleges. Students must be majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) field and be interested in pursuing a career that supports NASA’s mission including careers in the aerospace sector.
Students must apply during their freshman year of community college enrollment for an award that will begin in the sophomore year. The number of awards is contingent on available funding. This is a competitive scholarship program based on academic merit funded by NASA and the Commonwealth of Virginia recognizing high academic achievement and promise.
Encouraging students engaged in associate degree programs who are preparing for careers in technology fields essential to America’s industrial and technological competitiveness, particularly those with aerospace relevance.
Increasing participation of underrepresented minorities, females and students with disabilities in aeronautics, space and high-technology fields.
Implementing the goals of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
Must be a U.S. citizen
Must be currently enrolled full-time in a Virginia Community College and have completed at least one semester of coursework (minimum of 12 credit hours) at time of application
Must be majoring in a STEM program of study
Must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
Must expect to graduate by May, 2015 or later

Application due NLT 17 Mar 2014.  Info at:

Crisis Mapping for the Philipines Humanitarian OSM Team

Here’s the information on the Crisis Mapping for Philipines:  this event is closed, but there is some information on it about the Team and how to join.

Additional information on the Humanitarian OSM team:  You’ll also find information about the group in general and what needs they have.

Fourth Annual ASPRS GeoLeague Challenge

Attention ASPRS Faculty and Students

 The Fourth Annual ASPRS GeoLeague Challenge

To be held at the ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference

Louisville, Kentucky

March 23-28, 2014

 This year’s Challenge Topic is:

Mapping Ecosystem Services Change in Coastal Belize Based on Landsat Data

The deadline to REGISTER for the GeoLeague Challenge is November 30, 2013.

 (The challenge has been changed somewhat, so please check the complete details regarding the challenge assignment available on line at

The Challenge:
Students are required to explore the services mentioned in the background material. Suggestions include:
1. Supporting Service of primary production;
2. Provisioning Services (food, fresh water, wood and fiber, and fuel);
3. Regulating Services such as those for climate (e.g., carbon sequestration), water purification (varies with ecosystem change and location), and natural hazard regulation (loss of natural buffers such as riparian areas, wetlands, and mangrove);
4. Cultural Services including aesthetics (decline in quality and quantity of natural lands) and recreation and tourism (more accessible areas may be degraded).

How to Participate:

Form a group of at least 5 undergraduate and/or graduate students and a faculty advisor in your region (at least 3 students must be ASPRS student members by the registration deadline and remain student members through the Annual Conference). If you have trouble meeting this requirement, please feel free to contact us.  You may also enlist the help of ASPRS members in your surrounding communities. However, the students must do all of the work; non-students can only provide guidance!

To be eligible to participate, please fill out a Registration Form and return it to

SAC Deputy Chair, Mingshu Wang ( 

For questions, contact:

Mingshu Wang

ASPRS Student Advisory Council Deputy Chair

All of the final challenge materials must be submitted by 8pm EST on February 28th, 2014

There will be NO extensions granted for late materials.