ASPRS Potomac Region – GeoTech 2013 Annual Conference – December 9 – 10, 2013

GeoTech 2013 Annual Conference
Keck   Center, National Academies, Washington, DC
December 9 – 10, 2013

ASPRS Potomac Region

Open Source Methods, Open Standards and Geospatial Data Quality

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Overview: In an era of rapidly growing open source (OS) data and software, the opportunity for its integration with traditional business practices is considerable. However, a fundamental issue that must be considered is quality. For example, data quality must be accurately quantified in order to propagate its effects in various geoprocesses, which ultimately impacts decision making. Addressing the quality issue can be greatly facilitated with development and adoption of community standards, particularly for metadata. Accordingly, the goals of this conference are to focus upon: 1) Assessing and demonstrating the value and impact of OS to the geospatial community, 2) Forecasting OS evolution in terms of impact to business practices, and 3) Proposing new methods to assess OS quality to facilitate standardization and exploitation.

GEOTECH2013 Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Paul Ramsey
, Boundless: Open Source Software, Present and Future

Mr. Ted Cope, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency: Open Source, Open Innovation,   and the Future of GEOINT Research

GEOTECH2013 Workshops

•   Applied Spatial Statistics and Programming with “R”

•   Introduction to OpenStreetMap

•   Fundamentals of Hyperspectral Analysis

•   Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite and GeoServer

Questions, Contact:

Dr. Ashley Holt

ASPRS Potomac Region, GeoTech2013 Chair

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