Carnegie Landsat Analysis System-lite free online training

Nothing to do over break??   How about this?

“About CLASlite Classroom

Welcome to the world’s first online course for deforestation and forest degradation mapping. This course is designed to equip government, academic and non-commerical, non-government organizations with the knowledge needed to monitor forests using the Carnegie Landsat Analysis System-lite or CLASlite. The course provides the scientific basis for each module in CLASlite, along with other information to make forest monitoring easy using Earth observing satellite data.”

It’s a self-paced course that consists of about a full day’s work and you’ll have one week to complete the materials.


GIS and Archeology or Graveyard vs New High School Football Field

A former student volunteered along with other Bull Run Library staff on this project (football field being built on a cemetery) locating the property the cemetery was on, and discovered who the cemetery belonged to.  The student was able to plot the deeds, convert them to KML, import to ARC and convert to a feature. From there the student compared them to existing parcel polygons and found where the initial deeds aligned to existing parcels.

The last step was to validate the gps coordinates of the cemetery and put them on the map to verify the ownership of the land.  The archaeologist was then notified of who ‘s cemetery it was.

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