Data Challenge Deadline March 11

Data Challenge


We’re happy to announce the first ever Divvy Data Challenge, in partnership with 1871, Chicago’s co-working center for digital startups.

Divvy trip data for the 750,000 trips taken in 2013 are now publicly available for the first time, and we’re encouraging all scientists, designers, and programmers to analyze and present the data in visually compelling ways.

The Challenge

Help us illustrate the answers to questions such as: Where are riders going? When are they going there? How far do they ride? What are top stations? What interesting usage patterns emerge? What can the data reveal about how Chicago gets around on Divvy?

We’re interested in infographics, maps, images, animations, or websites that can help answer questions and reveal patterns in Divvy usage. We’re looking for entries to tell us something new about these trips and show us what they look like.

The Challenge is open to anyone, and submissions are due by March 11 at 11:59pm.

Need inspiration? View the results of Boston’s Hubway Data Visualization Challenge:

The Data

Each trip is anonymized and includes:

  • Trip start day and time
  • Trip end day and time
  • Trip start station
  • Trip end station
  • Rider type (Member or 24-Hour Pass User)
  • If a Member trip, it will also include Member’s gender and year of birth

Click the button on the right side of the page to download the full data set.

Categories and Prizes

Our judges will select a winner for each of the following categories:

  • Best Overall Visualization: the entry that has the best overall aesthetics, provides insight, creatively illustrates the data, and is easy to understand.
  • Most Beautiful: the entry that is the most visually appealing in its illustration.
  • Most Comprehensive: the entry that displays and shares the data most fully, while still being easy to understand.
  • Most Insightful: the entry that reveals the most, or provides the most intelligent and surprising learnings from the trip data.
  • Most Creative: the entry that visualizes the data in the most new, different, and innovative way.

Winning entries in each category will receive:

  • All entries will be featured on the Divvy website and will be displayed in 1871 during the month of April
  • Gift certificates for two Divvy memberships
  • A Divvy t-shirt, five 24-Hour Passes to share with friends and family, and a Divvy water bottle
  • Two Bern helmets
  • 1871 gift bag

Entrants can submit up to three visualizations. Click here to view the official rules of the Divvy Data Challenge.

How to Enter

Please email your entry to If your entry is in the form of a digital document, please attach it to the email. If your entry is hosted on your personal website or on a third-party website (such as YouTube or Vimeo), please paste the URL in the body of the email.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email

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