GIS for Everyone?

Stephen Keen in

We (the GIS community) have a problem. It is a problem of our own making, and one that emerged from the very best of intentions, but it is nonetheless a problem. It is a problem that was born partially from our own insecurities and a near compulsive need to be liked. It was born from our love of GIS and our strong desire to evangelize about our chosen profession, driven by the strong belief that the world would be a better place if everyone embraced the technology like we do. Our motives were extremely noble and worthy and absolutely valid but the unintended consequences were either unanticipated or un-discussed. However, we can leave the topic unexplored no longer if we are to maintain a vibrant and prosperous profession. The problem is: “GIS for Everyone” – or at least an unintended consequence of the verbiage we use when proselytizing about GIS to anyone (“everyone”) who will listen. Expanding the adoption of GIS technologies is absolutely the right thing to do, but by using the same generic “GIS” terminology for the broader discipline and also the profession we risk diluting the greater understanding of the value we (GIS professionals) provide.  Click to read more.

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