Lead’Air introduces T-MAP UAV Aerial Mapping Camera System


May 14, 2014 — Lead’Air Inc, US manufacturer of the Track’Air line of products, would like to introduce the T-MAP UAV Aerial Mapping Camera System at the UAVSI show in Orlando, FL.

In brief: 
The new T-MAP Aerial Mapping System has been specially developed for UAV and small aircrafts. The system is very compact and light weight and can be installed on the larger type of professional UAV aircraft to carry out full mapping missions. It is based on either the 80 mp Phase One IXA180 camera or the new 50 mp Phase One IXU150 camera. T-MAP is a true turnkey system which includes:

  • Photogrammetrically calibrated camera and lens
  • Fully automated computerized image saving and management system
  • A powerful autonomous flight management system based on the widespread Track’Air FMS
  • A fully stabilized mount system with +/- 20 degrees pitch/roll correction and +/- 25 degrees yaw correction
  • A built-in Applanix IMU system which can be coupled to any of the Applanix IMU sensor range (AP20 to AP50)

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