Mapping out growth in an industry that’s boosting the economy    by Sarah Stack 20 May 2014

OSi has been mapping Ireland in detail since 1824
OSi has been mapping Ireland in detail since 1824

MAPS. They hardly sound like a booming industry that will answer our economic woes, but geospatial information is a multi-million-euro enterprise.

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) revealed the sector contributes €69m to the Irish economy in gross added value, with the figure jumping to over €120m when multiplier impacts are included.

Aerial imagery, height information, boundary lines, and even historic, tourist and leisure maps all fall under the field that employs 1,677 people – and spends €84.4m on wages. And the industry expanded significantly in recent years with the growth in smartphones, digitalisation and location-based services bringing geospatial information into the consumer mainstream. Route planners, sat navs, Google maps, GPS, real-time information and apps all rely on the basics from Ireland’s national mapping agency.  Click to read more.


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