ESRI ArcGIS Online–Spatial Analysis? (Free ESRI course) (ArcGIS 10.2)

From ESRI’s description of the free seminar:

Anyone who uses or is considering using an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription and wants to perform analysis using the online tools and workflows.


Although not required, it is helpful to know the basics of ArcGIS Online for Organizations. Also, watching the following seminars might be of interest:

  • Creating Hosted Map Services with ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Online Subscriptions: Mapping and GIS for Organizations
  • Gain Geographic Insight with ArcGIS Online Analysis Tools

Learn How To:

  • The features of the analysis tools and examples of how to use each one to solve a problem.
  • The recommended steps to perform spatial analysis online.
  • How to choose and apply various spatial analysis techniques to solve specific problems

Click here for details/more info.

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