Want To Be a GEO Mentor?


I want to be a GeoMentor! What should I do?

Becoming a GeoMentor means establishing a relationship with a school, teacher, club, or youth leader. You need to find someone who might be interested in what you could offer, and then find out what they most need.

  1. Create a 30-second summary about how geography matters, and how using GIS tools can help the person you are talking with explore the world, analyze data, and engage kids in grasping a topic or solving a problem.
  2. Seek someone interested in geography, science, civic affairs, community engagement, exploring outdoors, gathering data, working with computers, or thinking about college &/or careers. Check with local schools, youth clubs, organizations, friends, and relatives. Seek a teacher or youth leader with a need and/or an open mind.
  3. Ask how the adult already engages kids in geography activities, and what would help him/her be able to do more. Do not expect to dictate “I want to do ‘x, y, and z’ for you and/or your kids.” Most educators already have a plan about what they need to do, and too little time already. Seek a way in which something you can provide can help the educator. Listen, establish trust, and build a relationship.
  4. Put your dot on the mentor map.

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