Please stop calling me the mapping guy

This is funny-please read by Matt Sheehan Web Map Solutions!!

“You must love maps”

“Could you make me a map?”

“So your job is map making”

“Talk to those guys down the hall … the map guys”.


Please stop calling me the mapping guy

Enough is enough. Seriously. I did not like it then. Today, I am even less tolerant. I am not a mapping guy. Period.

Don’t belittle me. Don’t label me. Understand me.

We can bring new insight to your organization. Can provide new ways to view and analyse your organizational data. We are an important (new) face in the changing world of technology. Give us a hug, tell us we are special, then allow us to dramatically change how you run your business

You can tell I have had enough. If you head up an organization and are not leveraging GIS across your organization. You aren’t properly doing your job. Seriously.

Now I have your attention

Let me tell you two stories.

Story 1: You know how it is when you fly and have 1 stop before you arrive at your destination? You get off flight one. Worry about how you get to your next gate , and how long it will take. Your kids would love some food, a drink, maybe a souvenir. But you are in panic mode: ‘Gotta get to my next gate. Don’t wanna miss the connection’. Then you congregate at that next gate desperate to get on the flight.

How bloody ridiculous.

Suppose instead you were able to use a GIS app to help guide you to your next gate. Your connecting flight representatives know you are on the way. The app tells you where you can find a sandwich for Johnny and snow globe for Lucy, en route. What a relief. A completely stress free experience. Using a location-centric solution.

Talk to Geometri for more information.

Story 2: When a child needs an operation, its high stress. Some kids, in early life need regular visits to the hospital. Doctors are on call ready. These might not be emergencies, but they are critical to a child’s long term well being. The doctors time is precious. One procedure, follows another. So what happens in a city like Washington DC with horrendous traffic problems. Kids can be late. That is a huge problem, both for the child and medical team. How do the hospitals adjust their schedule? To start one child ahead of their allotted time, another later?

This is a location problem. If we know one family is held up in traffic, and another arrived at the hospital early, we can adjust our scheduling. GIS Inc, are building a solution using ArcGIS.

Now don’t tell me that is not cool.

Did I mention mapping

In two stories did I mention a map?

No. These are two location-centric solutions. A map is certainly in each solution set. But neither Geometri nor GIS Inc approached these challenges from a mapping perspective. They looked at two problems and used location technology to provide a solution.  This is our role as GIS experts. As a company we apply GIS to solve location based problems. Whether it be putting in place for customers the GIS foundations, or providing a configurable GIS solution set

So I repeat ‘Please stop calling us the mapping guys and gals’

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