Google Trends Visualizes The European Migration Crisis

From Forbes/Tech Sept 15, 2015 by Kalev Leetaru

Mapping migration through google searches:

As the migration crisis in the European Union captivates global headlines, what can web searches tell us about the world’s reaction to the crisis and which countries refugees are most interested in immigrating to?  While web searches obviously capture the interests and beliefs of only a fraction of the world’s population, they are nonetheless a powerful real-time lens through which to understand global interests and concerns.  Google alone accounts for almost 70% of all web searches worldwide and 90-97% of searches within Europe, so examining the most popular Google searches relating to migration could offer unique insights into the current crisis.  In fact, the Google Trends team recently put together a series of charts, lists, and maps visualizing the European migration crisis through the eyes of the world’s Google searches, which the remainder of this article will explore.

Full article:

Forbes Migration Google

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