GIS Volunteer Opportunity!

GIS Volunteer Opportunity

Job description

1-2 volunteers are needed to help us use a GIS to take GPS points of trees that have been planted in Washington DC, and then to make a map showing all tree locations. Only volunteers with GIS and/or GPS mapping experience and knowledge should apply – we don’t need anything sophisticated but we will lean on you to guide us through the use of the GIS app/equipment/software. The taking of GPS points will happen over the course of 1-2 full days in January while the creation of the map can take place on a 3rd day. You will go out with one of our staff in our vehicle to take the GPS coordinates of the trees.

In your response, please indicate which GIS and GPS coordinate-taking apps, equipment and/or software you are familiar with. Please also indicate if you are willing to bring this with you to support the activity.

This is a volunteer opportunity provided by VolunteerMatch, in partnership with LinkedIn for Good.

Desired Skills and Experience

This position requires the following skills: Google Apps

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