Citizen Science GIS Summer Opportunity

UCF NSF REU Site in Belize

Welcome: U.S. undergraduates join us for a paid summer research experience that will change your entire perspective on what it means to be an international community scholar! Welcome to the website for the University of Central Florida’s Community GIS and Citizen Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site funded by National Science Foundation Award #1560015.  Our international REU Site is part of the UCF Department of Sociology and the UCF GIS Cluster Initiative at the second largest university in the United States and America’s Partnership University. We are looking forward to hosting a group of at least 8 outstanding undergraduate students from across the country in summer 2016 in Belize and in Orlando, Florida.  We emphasize engaged, community-based research while also preparing students for future academic and non-academic careers in GIS, geospatial technologies, geography, geosciences, sociology, education, community development, public health, and land use planning.

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Looking for a Job in Geography?

AAG Jobs in Geography and GIS Center Adds New Features and Functionality

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Jobs-site-seekersLooking for a job in geography?

The AAG Jobs in Geography and GIS Center is the preeminent source for academic jobs in geography, as well as a wide variety of jobs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It’s the best place to find your next great opportunity or even your dream jobIf you’re a student, it’s also a strong source for graduate assistantships, postdoc positions and internships.

With our redesigned website, we’ve made it easier than ever to start your search. Set up an account to save versions of your CV/resumé and cover letter, create tailored searches to customize job ad results to your interests and set up alerts for new job postings. You can also save job openings, communications with employers and any notes about companies and opportunities.

Directly apply for individual job postings by sharing your resumé and/or post your resume anonymously in the job bank where employers search for and view professional profiles. If contacted via the blind process, you can decide whether you’d like to be considered for the position.

You’ll also find great resources to help you prepare for your career, analyze salary data and trends, attend special events, learn about what other geographers are doing and locate geography programs.

And, if you’re an AAG member, you can take advantage of the 14-day preview of new jobs to get a head start in the application process.

Sign up at and … find your place.

Millie the Mapper

Library of Congress March 11, 2016 by Carlyn Osborn

We’ve all heard the story of Rosie the Riveter: women, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who entered the workforce during World War II to aid the American war effort. From Lakehurst to Oak Ridge to Willow Run, women became involved in an enormous range of jobs pertaining to wartime manufacturing, production, and preparation. Some of these women also became involved in drafting, photogrammetry, computing, and mapping. Called “Millie the Mappers” or “Military Mapping Maidens” these women played an integral role in producing accurate and up-to-date maps used by various branches of the military and government during World War II. Continue reading Millie the Mapper

NOVA Labs Ladies Night Out

  • Saturday, April 2, 2016
    6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
  • 1916 Issac Newton Sq West, Reston, VA (map)

  • Classrooms A & B
  • Our first women’s Makers mixer! Join your fellow females with passions for IT, crafts, woodworking, electronics, drones, 3D printing and/or Making of all sorts. Experts or those just learning; meet, collaborate, network. Come and find out what are women doing with the cool tools at the lab?

    Potluck. Bring a dish (homemade or store bought). We’ll provide water, wine, beer, wine glasses, and cups.

    I’m a Maker and a geek, so we are going to make something and learn something in betwixt the chatting and the mixing.


    -> Keynote speaker: Marybeth Haneline, VP of Nova Labs – She’ll speak about achieving gender equity in the competitive robotics program for youth at Nova Labs.  This robotics season our FIRST Lego League program reached gender equity. This shift didn’t occur on it’s own.  We’ll take a look at the work behind the scenes and lessons learned.

    -> Speaker: DeShawn Robinson-Chew, CEO of SheEO™, LLC – She’ll share her company’s philosopy and goal of exposing motivated young ladies to business, entrepreneurship, finances and goal-setting to prepare them to be self-reliant, successful, and happy in their careers and lives.

    -> Intro to basic electronics

    -> Flash Talks – 5 minutes of sharing what you’re making.

    -> Collaboration project ideas discussion (I’ll pitch a few, you do too).

    I’ll be coming around during the event to recruit people to do Flash Talks. It’s easy, just share what you are making. Very informal. Sharing and collaborating is a HUGE reason the maker movement works.

    This is an opportunity to meet the women and young ladies who are here at the lab. Come ask or answer questions. Let’s hear how you are doing and what you are Making. Have you met some of the amazing women around the lab? Wow! Women are making 3D printers, in the wood shop, at the laser cutter, on the Rhino teams…  This event is not meant to separate based on gender. It’s just one of many types of opportunities to meet like-minded people with similar personal styles and passions. Come meet and network into the Nova Labs community.

The White House Launches “The Opportunity Project”

Utilizing Open Data to Build Stronger Ladders of Opportunity for All

March 8th, 2016  Sensors& Systems

In the lead up to the President’s historic visit to SxSW, today the Administration is announcing the launch of “The Opportunity Project,” a new open data effort to improve economic mobility for all Americans. As the President said in his State of the Union address, we must harness 21st century technology and innovation to expand access to opportunity and tackle our greatest challenges.

The Opportunity Project will put data and tools in the hands of civic leaders, community organizations, and families to help them navigate information about critical resources such as access to jobs, housing, transportation, schools, and other neighborhood amenities. This project is about unleashing the power of data to help our children and our children’s children access the resources they need to thrive. Today, the Administration is releasing a unique package of Federal and local datasets in an easy-to-use format and accelerating a new way for the federal government to collaborate with local leaders, technologists, and community members to use data and technology to tackle inequities and strengthen their communities. Continue reading The White House Launches “The Opportunity Project”