Data Project Meet Up

Women Data Scientists DC  Sunday April 3rd 1pm-4pm

Laptops are required for this meetup!!!!!

The purpose of this workshop is to help members put a(nother) Data Science project on their resume.

You are welcome to come with your own data to work with, but we will have two different data sets provided by OCTO:

Moving Violations: (4,103,766 total records) ) Raw: [masked] (less 2013)- 6yrs worth of data; layers are broken out by Month/Year

This information comes courtesy of DPW from partner agencies MPD, DPW and DDOT. Data is in tabular form and has been geocoded.

Vehicular Crash Data: (106,908 total records)

This information comes courtesy of MPD via DDOT crash data section (100k + GIS records) .  DDOT received some assistance in the geocoding efforts from the University of Colorado. (Attributes like YEAR/DAY OF WEEK/ TYPE / ROAD SURFACE / FATALITIES / CONDITIONS OF WEATHER, TRAFFIC

We will brainstorm some analysis ideas for these and other datasets, both as a large group and in smaller groups.  I will walk around and help with R programming.

Caveat: You are not meant to finish this project at this meetup!  This is simply to give you a head start with some others also working on a data project.