ACS Commuter Data Visualizations


This blog concerns an interactive visualization I put together that, for technical reasons, isn’t directly imbedded in this blog post. Go to to see and play with the visualization.

A month or two ago, I ran across a compelling visualization of commuter data done by Alasdair Rae, a geographer and urban planner based at the University of Sheffield. He runs a very cool blog called Stats, Maps n Pix that focuses on geographically oriented data and related visualizations. His gifs were really compelling and hypnotic, and provided a great sense of where workers were living and working in metropolitan areas. While the data source size, at 4.1m rows, was not even remotely in the ballpark of what people consider “big data”, I’m also interested in visualizations and publicly available data that I could use to work on various “big data” style analyses. Alasdair mentions the idea of creating a version for the whole US in one of his blog entries, so I thought I would take a stab at it.

Click on the link to read on:

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