ALL STUDENTS: New Changes for Financial Aid

The main reason for this blog post is to inform you about a policy which has been in existence for quite a while but has been manual and difficult to enforce.  I want you to know about it because, beginning this fall semester, a tool purchased by the VCCS and implemented by NOVA will ensure that it is enforced.  It may cause you to want to make some changes to your Fall 2016 course schedule.

The policy affects only those of you who are receiving financial aid. From now on, you will *not* be allowed to receive aid for courses outside your program of study. You’re still allowed to take any courses you want to take — but you’ll have to pay for any courses that are out of your program of study yourself. And if you have not yet declared a major (in other words, if you’re not what we call “program placed”), you will not be able to receive any financial aid whatsoever!

Here’s what this means to you:

1) If you’re hoping to receive financial aid and you’re not yet program placed, you need to declare a major as soon as possible. Until you do, you will not be eligible to receive any financial aid at all.

2) Once you’ve declared a major, you should (if you want to receive financial assistance) concentrate on taking courses which will actually count towards graduation.

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