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2014 National Geographic Award in Mapping

Undergraduate students and masters-degree candidates are invited to apply for
the 2014 National
Geographic Award in Mapping
. This award recognizes student achievement in
the art, science, and technology of mapping and seeks to encourage student
The first place award consists of a cash prize of $900 (U.S.)
and the second place award is $300 (U.S.). Winners and
honorable mentions also will receive National Geographic atlases or other map
This award is administered through the Association of American Geographers
(AAG) Cartography Specialty Group (CSG). Judging will be completed by
representatives from National Geographic and will be based on the technical,
aesthetic, and overall quality of the submission. The award winners will be
announced at the CSG business meeting at the 2014 AAG Annual Meeting in Tampa,
FL. Applying students do not need to be members of the AAG.
Following the strong tradition of production cartography at the National
Geographic Society, submission must be in the form of a static map in
a vector (e.g., pdf) or raster (e.g., jpg, tiff) format. While group work is
eligible for submission, the maximum numbers of students working on a single
team is three. Entries must be completed as part of the student’s
curriculum (i.e., not for a job, including freelance work); the student’s
cartography instructor must confirm that the work was completed for university
credit by completing and scanning the online form.
Please include the following in your application package: (1) your map, or a
link for downloading your map (latter preferred); (2) a cover page that
includes your name, institutional affiliation, degree program (e.g. M.S.),
address, phone number, email, and cartography/GIS instructor’s name; (3) a one
page statement that provides some context of the submission (e.g., its purpose,
how it may be used, how it was created, its limitations, etc.) along with a
paragraph on how this award will help you with your educational plans; and (4)
the completed form signed by your cartography instructor.

Please apply by sending all materials digitally to Robert Roth (reroth@wisc.edu). Submissions
must be received by March 1st, 2014.
For additional details, please visit:http://www.natgeomaps.com/mapawards

The National Map



The USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) sponsored various forms of volunteer map data collection projects over the past two decades. Citizen cartographers revised many maps during this period, but the program was suspended in 2008.

New technologies and Internet services have made it easy to georeference many different types of information and share this information with others on map-based Internet platforms and social networking sites in recent years.

This activity has been referred to as crowdsourcing, and the information produced has been called volunteered geographic information (VGI).

In light of this rapidly changing technical landscape, the increasing use of social software for citizen mapping, and the mandates for more transparency and citizen involvement in government, the USGS has revitalized its volunteer program.

As a result, the USGS has launched a pilot project to once again encourage citizen participation.

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2012 NACIS Student Mapping Competitions

There is still time to enter the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) 2012 Student Poster Competition and the 2012 Student Dynamic Map Competition.  To register, visit nacis.org

  • Deadline is September 14th, 2012
  • The work must have been completed during the 2011-12 academic year. You do not need to be a student presently, but you must have been a student in an undergraduate, graduate, or certificate program in North America when you completed the work.
  • To ease space restrictions, please keep posters under 36″ x 48″
  • Attendance at the meeting is not required, but is strongly encouraged. You are responsible for ensuring your poster is at the meeting on time.
  • Meeting attendees will vote on the entrants. The winner will receive a prize of $500. A runner-up will receive an honorable mention award. Other non-cash awards may be given out at the discretion of the Student Poster Competition Chair.
  • Please contact Daniel Huffman (posters@nacis.org) with any questions.



National Geographic Student Map Competitions

National Geographic is pleased to announce its continued support of student mapping and cartography through a number of awards for 2012. Please find attached a poster advertising 3 different student map competitions open to undergraduate and graduate students. Full details of the awards can be found on the National Geographic Awards site, here: http://www.natgeomaps.com/mapawards.html

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