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ESRI GeoDev Meetup-Washington, DC Oct 11

GeoDev Meetup – Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016, 5:30 PM

1776 & General Assembly
1133 15th Street NW Washington, DC

137 Members Went

We will be hosting an Esri GeoDev Meetup on Tuesday, October 11th. Food and beverages will be provided at the meet up.This event is a social gathering for developers to discuss the latest in mapping, geo technology, geo services, web and mobile mapping apps, app design, cloud solutions, map data or anything else related to solving real-world “geo”…

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Free Online Course

Anyone can build apps on the ArcGIS Platform.

You don’t have to be a software developer to build valuable geo-enabled apps that make your communities smarter and businesses more successful. This course will show you how to combine location and narrative in one application to better communicate and broadcast your story, create custom web applications that solve problems in your community, and build powerful native applications for iOS and Android devices without touching a piece of code. If you are a developer, you’ll be interested in Esri’s APIs, SDKs, and the buzzing GeoDev community.

Sign up by Feb 17th!


From ESRI: Tap Into Free Training

Tap into Free Training

Access 40 recorded technical sessions from the 2015 Esri UC for free! Learn all about the ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Web App Templates, the Living Atlas, 3D, Imagery and raster data, Global data and Lifestyle Data, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server and more. What are you waiting for? Pull up the E380 site and get started.

Free Training


Bored? Got a few minutes? Entertain yourself with “Who Does Big Data Think You Are?”

Scroll down the article and pop in your zip code (hit the x in the box-not enter) and find out who you are!  Very entertaining and addictive!!  Here is a portion of the article:

Oh sure, you know deep down inside that we’re all just one big jumbled mass of target demographics for corporate marketing, but it’s one of those fun facts that you don’t really think about, and aren’t outright confronted with too often. Until now. A new site from tech company ESRI offers you the opportunity to punch yourself in the face with your geographical stereotype, based on your zip code. By crunching through a mess of big data stats, they have whittled our cultural identities into 67 target market categories. Did they get it right?


Want To Be a GEO Mentor?


I want to be a GeoMentor! What should I do?

Becoming a GeoMentor means establishing a relationship with a school, teacher, club, or youth leader. You need to find someone who might be interested in what you could offer, and then find out what they most need.

  1. Create a 30-second summary about how geography matters, and how using GIS tools can help the person you are talking with explore the world, analyze data, and engage kids in grasping a topic or solving a problem.
  2. Seek someone interested in geography, science, civic affairs, community engagement, exploring outdoors, gathering data, working with computers, or thinking about college &/or careers. Check with local schools, youth clubs, organizations, friends, and relatives. Seek a teacher or youth leader with a need and/or an open mind.
  3. Ask how the adult already engages kids in geography activities, and what would help him/her be able to do more. Do not expect to dictate “I want to do ‘x, y, and z’ for you and/or your kids.” Most educators already have a plan about what they need to do, and too little time already. Seek a way in which something you can provide can help the educator. Listen, establish trust, and build a relationship.
  4. Put your dot on the mentor map.

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See the Latest ArcGIS Technology at the Esri Washington, DC, Open House

Our Doors Are Open

Access Experts and Explore New ArcGIS Technology in Esri’s Washington, DC R&D Center

When & Where
Join fellow GIS and development professionals at the Esri Washington, DC Research and Development Center Open House in Rosslyn, Virginia. Meet the software engineers who are building GIS technology to meet your needs, ask them questions, and tell them about your requirements. You’ll get the answers you need and influence upcoming releases.

You’ll also see demonstrations that span the ArcGIS Platform including ArcGIS Open Data, ArcGIS Pro, Esri Story Maps, and other innovative software development activities.

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Technology Demonstrations and Ask an Expert
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Reception



Register Now
Thursday, September 4 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Esri DC R&D Center 1001 19th St. N. 9th Floor Arlington, VA Rosslyn Metro Station Limited Parking in the Building.