Scientists and Artists: More Alike than Different

I don’t do science. I’m an English major. I like art. Science is too hard. Heard these things before? Well, it now seems that excuse is unfounded. Check it out.

What do you think? Is your brain hardwired to EITHER do Art OR Science? Or is there an overlap? Are Artists really scientists and scientists really artists?


STEM to STEAM: Where is it happening? What is it?  SteamHi! Welcome to Northern Virginia Community College’s STEAM forum. What is STEAM you ask? SteAm stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics. Our goal is to integrate Art into the STEM disciplines. This work is supported in part by a grant from SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities), and has so far resulted in 2 Honors student independent study courses, 3 poster sessions, 2 presentations, and 2 faculty workshops. Are you interested in the initiative? We are going to use this blog to showcase STEAM initiatives both at NOVA and elsewhere, and to provide a forum to discuss various STEAM projects. We also wish to use this site to collect the names of interested faculty mentors. For this purpose of this blog, you should be an adjunct or full-time faculty mentor at Northern Virginia Community College in any of the following disciplines:
Environmental Science
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Creative Arts
All campus affiliations are welcome!

Join us!