Scientists and Artists: More Alike than Different

I don’t do science. I’m an English major. I like art. Science is too hard. Heard these things before? Well, it now seems that excuse is unfounded. Check it out.

What do you think? Is your brain hardwired to EITHER do Art OR Science? Or is there an overlap? Are Artists really scientists and scientists really artists?

2 thoughts on “Scientists and Artists: More Alike than Different”

  1. For me, art is the purest of sciences. I use the scientific method to move towards a goal which can’t be defined until it is discovered. I experiment with form, color and material until I find a pattern, and from the pattern I learn to make sense of what I’ve done.
    I was drawn to ceramics in the first place because it satisfied my love of both aesthetics and experiments. It is very exciting to work with an art form that allows the opportunity for mixing dangerous chemicals and heating everything to 2300 degrees!

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