Gearing up for STEAM at Montgomery College

I am super excited about the increasing support I am receiving to pursue STEAM initiatives. My colleague and collaborator, Rita Kranidis, of Montgomery College (MD) has invited me to help plan and participate in a Global Humanities/STEAM initiative at the Montgomery College campus.  For the past two years, the Global Humanities Institute at Montgomery College has run a professional development day centered on interdisciplinary conversations. The theme changes each year. One year it was “STEAMED Rice”, a discussion of Global Food.  The next year, it was “STEAM Cleaned”, a discussion of the Global Garment Industry. This year (2017), the workshop will be focused on water. (We are thinking of calling it STEAM Boat”, a discussion of Global Water issues. Next year is also The Year of India, so many conversations will focus on India’s role on the world stage, and India’s role in water (safety, distribution, global navigation etc).  Students from Northern Virginia Community College have been recruited by Art professors to create Art around the topic of water. Their art will complement the discussions at Montgomery College.  This looks to be an insightful, thoughtful event. I’m super excited about it!  Moreover, there are about 10 slots for our own NOVA faculty to attend!  If you are a NOVA faculty, be sure to let me know of your interest, and I’ll send you further information about the date, time, and location.