STEMZone at YFT Country Fair Oct 5

NOVA SySTEMic is returning to Youth for Tomorrow’s Country Fair & Auctions in Bristow to exhibit the STEMzone!

What is the STEMZone?
The STEMZone is NOVA SySTEMic’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Expo at Youth for Tomorrow’s Country Fair & Auctions. The STEMZone includes exciting hands-on activities such as maker spaces, robotics, cybersecurity, coding, 3D printers, laser cutters, stomp rockets and more!

When and Where?
Saturday October 5th 10am – 5pm
Country Fair & Auctions
Youth for Tomorrow Campus
11835 Hazel Circle Drive
Bristow, VA 20136

We Need Volunteers:
Volunteers will help run various STEM stations in our 60×90 STEMZone tent. We will train you on-site to aid and guide Elementary and Middle School students who will be participating in STEMZone hands-on activities. Besides having a great time education and inspiring students, you’ll also receive a free lunch and T-shirt.
Volunteer Shift 1: 9:30am to 1:30pm
Volunteer Shift 2: 1:30pm to 6:00pm
80 slots available/40 per shift
Sign up at

Hands-On Activities at the STEMZone

OSMO – Coding with iPad (ages 5+)
Use an iPad and the OSMO kit to learn coding. The kit uses physical representation of coding to help Awbie navigate in a self-paced app.

Sphero – Coding with iPad (ages 8+)
Use an iPad and the SPRK+ sphere robot to learn coding. The kit uses an app to drive or code the robot to navigate a maze.

Arduino – Build a stoplight (ages 10+)
The activity consist of assembling an electronic circuit around the Arduino to make a functioning stoplight.

Stomp Rockets – Build and launch a paper rocket (ages 3+)
Use paper to build a rocket with fins and nosecone. Stomp the launcher and see your rocket take flight.

Cubelets – Modular robotics (ages 4+)
Construct robots by snapping the robot blocks together to create unique robots. No coding or wiring required.

Hands-On Demos at the STEMZone

VEX Maze challenge – Drive a VEX clawbot through a maze (ages 7+)
Drive a VEX metal robot through a maze and flip caps and place balls on the field. Park the robot on a platform at the end.

VEX IQ Level Up – Play the VEX IQ challenge game (any ages)
Drive a plastic robot on a field moving and stacking hubs and try to make the robot hang from a horizontal bar.

 Laser Engraver – Get your own keychain made (all ages) 
The laser engraver will engrave and cut a keychain for you on the spot.

CAD – Test out making 3D designs (ages 6+)
Use Tinkercad or Autodesk Inventor to design 3D objects by grouping together shapes to create an object.

3D Printing – Print 3D objects (any ages)
Demos of multiple 3D printers and how a 3D object gets printed.

Arduino – Project display (any ages)
See multiple starter and advanced projects made up by using an Arduino.

VEX Conveyor – See how assembly line works (any ages)
See a small scale mockup of an assembly line and learn how it works.

Locktronics – Electronics trainer (ages 6+)
Learn electronics in a safe and fun way!

Virtual Simulator – Forklift (any ages)
Learn how to operate a forklift using a virtual reality simulator.

More info about the Country Fair & Auctions at:
Admission to Country Fair: $10. Kids 3 and under are free