What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful browser-based personal publishing platform designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible. A popular content management system (CMS), it is commonly used in blog creation but also easily create static pages if you are not interested in blogs.

What is a Blog?

“Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features articles (aka posts), usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

Faculty Professional Pages

Faculty Professional Pages offer all faculty an easy to use option for getting their information online. No need to install any software or be tied to a specific computer: as long as you have an internet connection, you can make an update to your Faculty Professional Page.

Requesting Your Faculty Professional Page

Requests for Faculty Professional Pages should be made to wsdm@nvcc.edu from your NVCC email account. Be sure to review the NOVA Social Media Guidelines.

Training Documents & Resources

Department/Office Blogs

Department/Office Blogs are the perfect opportunity for the individual or group to supplement their websites with timely news and announcements.

Requesting Your Department/Office Blogs

Before making your request, consider the different roles that can be assigned to members of the Department/Office Blogs:

  • Administrator – Someone who has access to all the administration features
  • Editor – Someone who can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other users’ posts, etc.
  • Author – Someone who can publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor – Someone who can write and manage their posts but not publish them

Requests for WordPress Department/Office Blogs should be made to wsdm@nvcc.edu. Your request needs to include: department, campus, name of the blog and the names, emails and roles of people you want to participating in the blog. WSDM may have more questions after you make your request, but that will get them started. Be sure to review the NOVA Social Media Guidelines.

Training Documents & Resources