What is your goal being here at NOVA?  Do you want to be an accountant, or a horticulturalist, or a Photographer?  Perhaps a mechanic, or an Engineer, a Web Designer, a Dental Hygienist, or a Teacher?  Whatever your goal for being here at NOVA, there are some tools that are universally useful in the search for employment after graduation.  The first one we are going to talk about today is LinkedIn.    LinkedIn allows you to make a social networking site designed to help you become employed.

The concept of networking forms the basis for this site.  By adding people you know (sort of like friending people on FaceBook), you expand your job search.  I’m going to use being a teacher because that was what I did as an example.  As a teacher, I know my principal and added him as a person I know on my LinkedIn account.  My principal happens to know the C.E.O. of a large educational technology firm.  Because there is the “link” between my principal and me, the C.E.O. can see my skill set and thinks I might be a good fit for a job he has available.  I’m asked to apply for the position.  See how that works?  When it comes to finding a good job, networking is the key!

Check out LinkedIn…you never know what might be waiting for you out there…