Snake Clamps and How They Can Help You!

Alright folks, so what is a Snake Clamp?  Very simply it’s a flexible arm that’s attached to a clamp (so you can clamp it to a table/desk/etc) that can hold your electronic device.  So, why would you, as a student, be interested in this?

1.  When you are given an assignment by your professor that requires making a video of yourself do you want it to be unstable?  No, of course you don’t.  So, using the snake clamp helps you keep your recording device steady.

2.  Perhaps you are creating a stop motion video.  If the camera moves, your stop motion is completely messed up!  Again, the Snake Clamp alleviates that problem by keeping the device still.

3.  Perhaps  you always like to have your phone in view, but your desk at home is really small and barely fits your computer and books.  Well, not a problem!  The snake clamp actually has an attachment for Smart Phones and wouldn’t take up any desk space!

There are a ton more ways that you could use this as a student, but don’t take my word for it.  Check out Snake Clamp on-line to see the other things that you can do with them.  We use them in our office and they are very handy!

What’s a Curriculum Vitae?

Alright, so what’s a Curriculum Vitae and why would you need one?

Well, you know your resume should (at most) be a one page synopsis of your work history and education.  Since it’s only one page long you can imagine that you’re not going to be really in-depth with the things you did in school.  Now, let me put in right here that MOST employers only want a resume!  If they don’t ask for a curriculum vitae don’t give them one…trust me…it’s annoying.

Now, if a curriculum vitae is requested what should you do with it?  Well, it’s a good place for you to go into detail about what you did in school.  Did you have teaching and/or research assistant experience? (Note: Research Assistant does not mean you did a research paper, it means you were part of ongoing research by a professor for an academic journal.)  Were you published?  Did you present at any large conferences?  Did you receive any academic honors or awards?  Were you a part of an academic community?  By elaborating on these things you can show that even though you may not have a hearty work history, you know what you are doing and you are qualified for the job at hand.

You could even do an e-portfolio to really impress employers, but more on that later.

Click here for Curriculum Vitae examples!