21st Century Survival Guide

1.  Learn the Microsoft Office Suite:  “Pssh,” you may exclaim.  “That’s so easy.”  Well, yes.  It is easy to learn the Microsoft Office Suite, but if you haven’t had a brush up course in a few years you may want to check us out here at IS&D.  A lot has been changed and upgraded in the Microsoft Office Suite in the last few years.

2.  Learn to Collaborate:  “Wait,” you command shaking your head, “you mean I have to work with people.”  Well, yeah.  The 21st century work environment has evolved and you will often have to collaborate with fellow workers on projects.  Here at IS&D we have tools to make that collaboration a little bit easier.

3.  Expand your PLN:  “My what?”  Well, PLN simply stands for Professional Learning Network.  No matter what you do whether you are an educator or an administrative assistant you should never stop learning about your job.  The workforce is constantly changing and having a network of people who do the same sort of things you do can open you up to new and innovative ways for you to do your job.  This doesn’t have to be a difficult thing.  Places like Linkedin and even Facebook and Twitter can be great resources for building a PLN without even needing to put on your pants.