Video Resume

Alright, just like every innovative resume solution I preface this with a big KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!  If you are applying at a law firm then making an animated video as your resume might not go over very well.  On the other hand, if you are applying to a video game developing firm then an animated video might be a really good way to show your talents.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I can not stress this enough!  Know the place and the position you are applying for before submitting ANY type of resume and tailor your resume to that position specifically!

However, if you are going to try a video resume here are some useful tips:

1.  Write a Script

2.  Carefully consider your backdrop

3.  Rehearse beforehand

4.  Make it look professional

If you’re interested in the many tricks and tips you could use to create a video resume come see us in AA337 for help!